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Dumbledore is so Gay

by Joanna Gregory

Theatre is back and so too is the return of the VAULT Festival sensation, Dumbledore Is So Gay. Having had a successful run pre-pandemic, the cast return to set the stage alight with this refreshing coming out and coming of age story as a noughties teenager finding his place in the world. 

Harry Potter fans settle in this cabaret style theatre nestled in north London off the Caledonian Road. Having never seen the films or read a book in the infamous franchise I really didn’t know what to expect or if I would even if I would understand the nuances of the script. However, from the moment lead character Jack, played by Alex Britt, delivers his first line I’m immediately captivated.

Robert Holtom’s witty and heart-warming play tells a story of lead character Jacks struggle with life as a gay teen, finding his place in the world and being in love with his best friend Ollie. Just like Hermione, Jack has a secret weapon, a Time-Turner which allows him to travel back and change events that occur along the way.

This affectionate story deals with a strong message and shines a light on the bullying, homophobia and the intensity of growing up in a household where The Graham Norton Show is banned based on his sexuality. The plays three performers come together, switching characters and scenes seamlessly, taking us on a wild and warm adventure. Charlotte Dowding sparkles as she moves from the fierce ally, French teacher Madame Dubois to Jacks mother and best friend Gemma. Max Perry is equally as outstanding playing Jacks tongue-tied father, a plethora of pickups at London’s famous gay nightclub Heaven and best pal Ollie. 

Director Tom Wright manages to keep the witty script alive whilst tenderly delivering the poignant moments of reflection that hit you like a train. The set is simple and effective as the performers weave their way in and out of the different characters. 

Harry Potter fans will adore the story’s parallels however, as someone who missed the proverbial boat, I’ve done nothing but go completely potty for this infectious, gem of a play.

Tickets from £15, for more information see online.

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