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Kaspar’s at The Savoy

by Rachel Blackmore

The Savoy Hotel is one of the most iconic establishments in London and continues to ride the hospitality waves 90 years after it first opened. To keep up with the time the entire hotel underwent an extensive renovation headed by renowned interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. Right at the heart of the hotel is the Kaspar’s restaurant named after the hotels most famous resident, the cat Kaspar. The three foot high cat housed outside the hotel was sculpted in 1926 by British Basil Lonides to accompany dinner parties of thirteen to stave off bad luck, following the death of South African diamond magnate Woolf Joel in 1898. Kaspar’s interior is Art Deco with cut glass mirror, brass railings, marble floors, silver leafed ceilings with a striking bar in the centre where guests can enjoy pre-dinner drinks.

With the new outlook, the hotel management has also welcomed a younger and fresher team into one of their main restaurants Kaspar’s at The Savoy led by restaurant manager Richard Newell, Head Chef Igor Kabatsikov and Sous Chef Brandon Clemens. The new team at the seafood restaurant at the heart of the hotel with spectacular views of the river Thames has taken a more contemporary direction with changes to the menu made from carefully selected produce from the UK such as Dover sole from Cornwall, lobster from Harris and oysters from Maldon.The day after the new menu was launched I had the privilege of sampling some of the main dishes served at Kaspar’s at The Savoy including ‘Best of the Sea’ platter for starters which I suggest is best shared between two or three people depending on how hungry you are. The platter comes with British oysters and mussels, Keltic seafare scallops, Bering Sea king crab, Scottish West coast langoustines, Mediterranean prawns, Cornish crab and Avruga Caviar. For the main course I went for the Dover sole which I suggest that you only attempt if you are really famished as it is not only a huge portion but also sinfully delicious. I could not make up my mind what sides I wanted with my main course so I decided to listen to the greedy little voice in my head and ordered for not just the duck fat and Rosemary chips but also the creamy and flavourful truffle and chive mashed potato. After my main course I did not think I could fit in any dessert but alas when I looked at the dessert menu I threw all caution to the wind and ordered the tremendously tasty ‘Malt’ which is a Barley infused creme brûlée served with Sourdough Ice cream (judge me not!)If you ever need a reason to visit the grand Savoy Hotel then Kaspar’s is the perfect excuse! I guarantee that you will not regret a thing, from the magnificent decor, attentive staff to the tasteful dishes prepared by some of the UK’s finest chefs, you are assured to leave with a smile and on your face.

Kaspar’s at The Savoy
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