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Lakrids by the Extraordinary Bulow Liquorice Factory in Copenhagen

by Lis-Marie Liden

I have been writing for this extraordinary magazine for many years, so it was time to go on my first press trip! And this was not just any press trip, this was to the Lakrids by Bulow Liquorice Factory in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Not only had I not travelled in a while thanks to COVID so my excitement was peeking but a Liquorice factory?! I was like a child about to visit Willy Wonka!

I have never actually been to Denmark, which as a Scandinavian neighbour is unacceptable, and what a lovely city it is! After unpacking and taking a little nap our coach was outside ready to take us all to the factory. Arriving at the Lakrids by Bulow factory I felt like even the exterior reminded me of Liquorice’s black and white shades. 

We were greeted with big smiles from the staff all adorned in grey lab coats and either handing us a drink or an extraordinary chocolate-covered liquorice treat from their new collection, I will get into that more soon. We were met by a small space in the middle that held their entire collection but also teasers of what was to come.

An extraordinary behind-the-scenes glimpse

After chatting for a while I realised that the glass I was drinking from was a jar that had initially been used to house the tasty liquorice and now has been re-used to drink from, so sustainable. After a lovely introduction and a look into what’s to come, we all got to change into gorgeous lab coats with added hair nets and shoe covers; we were ready to see where the magic happens.

It was a small factory as far as factories go but don’t be fooled, it holds everything it needs to make all the tastiness happen. But it also felt more personal and like a tight-knit work family this way.

We were split into two groups and the tour began, we were allowed to sample Lakrids by Bulow chocolate-covered Liquorice along the way all the while learning about the machines, and how it all moves as smoothly as it does.

Lakrids By Bülow was born in a small hometown kitchen in Bornholm where Johan Bülow dreamt of a world-class liquorice brand, after many years of trying to find that perfect and unique recipe she found perfection. Since launch, you can now find 25 stores across six countries and there’s no sign of stopping.

Johan wanted to lift this underappreciated treat and had a vision of creating lovely gourmet Liquorice using not only the finest ingredients but also creating new interesting flavours taking you on a taste journey. He was also the very first to create the now much-loved chocolate-covered Liquorice.

Watching Johan and hearing him speak, he comes across as such a lovely earth person, with a passion for his craft and a passion for the customer’s joy. Care for the production from start to finish. When I tasted the Mango Vanilla flavour I was truly blown away and had a moment to discuss this journey of flavours with him, and what a big smile he had.

Portraet Johan 1

We were invited to this factory for a very special reason, there’s a new launch on the horizon and it’s exciting. Lakrids by Bulow celebrates its 15th Anniversary and with this a launches a premium range of Organic slow-cooked Liquorice. A range with new exciting flavours and textures, presented in their new recyclable and reusable glass jars, the very same ones our welcome drink was served in.

The slow-cooked range will become a permanent addition to their lovely menu of Liquorice. All are based on the original recipe by Johan but re-invented with new exciting flavour combinations creating a true gourmet experience. We got to see first-hand how this new range is slow-cooked gently for four hours in an open batch, it was almost hypnotising to watch it swirl around in there.

It is then kneaded by hand to create a caramel-like texture. We got to taste a bit of liquorice straight from the batch and I loved it! This process and the careful steps it goes through is why it is called Slow Crafted, they use only organic ingredients that have been carefully sourced. In this new range, you’ll find Caramel Date, Dark truffle and my very own favourite the Mango Vanilla. I cannot tell you how lovely it is and how surprised I was by the levels of flavour before even reaching that lush liquorice inside.

Bülow FEB 22 NY85538 monogram låg

Lakrids by Bulow has sustainability as a pillar at each stage of production. The new recycled jar for the Slow Crafted range is one stage, which by the way has a very personal touch on each label, a small white square with the name of the very person helping create that every batch. The production process is fuelled by 100% green energy and they use 100% recycled plastic jars.

This glass jar mentioned above can be used to drink from, as we know from the welcome drink, store other items in, even juice or smoothies believe it or not. The lid closes securely and keeps it all safely inside. But it even has measurements engraved if you need to use it for your kitchen creations.

One of the top goals that Lakrids by Bulow has is to help everyone love Liquorice, I think that these lush chocolate-covered liquorice pieces are just the way to go, did I tell you there are fifty layers of smooth Belgian chocolate coating that little piece of liquorice, no? Well, there is.

One of my favourite things, because I can’t understand how one can’t love liquorice, is the campaign Lakrids by Bulow has launched #ShareItWithAHater, this highlights the brand’s mission to make the world love liquorice. They offer anyone a free sample no matter where you live but it has to be shared with someone who is not a liquorice lover, let’s all help convert the world! Let’s make the world love Liquorice!

For more information on Lakrids by Bulow visit their website online.


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