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The confident Atomic Cloud Q12 & unstoppable Atomic Redster Q7 skis

Ski Reviews Part 1

by Adam Attew

The Bespoke Black Book ski team head out to Austria to  continue with their test of  the Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock skis and the Atomic Cloud Q12 Revoshock C skis.

Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock C by Michael Cranmer

I’ve skied on most of the Atomic Redster range over the years and they’ve been my go-to in the wide variety of hire shops this itinerant travel-writer encounters along the way. Solid, dependable, won’t-let-me-down-in-tricky-situations kind of skis. But the Atomic Q7 Revoshock Cs are a giant leap for skikind and take matters to an altogether new level of brilliance.

The first impression when I met my new babies in the Atomic factory was “Urh?” They were no longer red but a mixture of greys and purples with a yellow sidewall. Greysters? Purplesters? No matter. Brash colours and hip designs are not my thing. Denis Dietrich, Atomic’s Global PR Manager, suggested I ‘go large’- but only by 1cm – slightly longer than my normal 180cm. Denis knows what he’s talking about with champion athletes like Mikaela Shiffrin, and Marcel Hirscher skiing on Revoshocks.

Atomic Cloud Q12

Next stop Altenmarkt, the nearest slope, for testing. The Q7s instantly felt right, stable in my first cruisy carves, then upping the speed, the edges held rock solid as I angulated. No chatter or hop when I used the whole width of the piste taking in artificial snow, chopped-up sides and the occasional lurking hummock. All in a day’s work for these beauties. I especially loved the response in short turns, the skis storing energy and releasing it at just the right moment.

No sniggering please when I report that yes, that extra 1cm makes all the difference. Those first few runs were followed by a tour of eleven resorts across Austria; three weeks of sun, cold, soft, crud, hardpack, and ice. Ice! The ultimate trial for all-round skis. The Q7s held the course I steered calmly with no heart-stopping slither or rattle. I’m a medium-paced skier, always seeking that ultimate ‘Zen’ turn when time stands still… the one you can recall years afterwards.. There will be many of these with my Q7s. Thank you Atomic.

Michael skied on Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock C (Carbon) + M12GW

Length: 181cm / Tip width: 136mm / Waist width: 85mm / Tail width: 120.5 / Radius: 15.2 metres / Active Camber 0/100/0

Atomic Cloud Q12

Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock C by Katie Bamber

This is the gravel bike of skis, designed for multiple on-piste conditions. From the first lift corduroy to bullet proof surfaces, thanks to its full camber and solid grip on hard snow, through to late arvo laps, it is dampening and forgiving on ridden-out chop and slush.

The Atomic Q7’s have the day’s full bandwidth well covered, as well as the full season’s conditions. It’s the most versatile ski for a strong carving skier who ideally wants to put it on its edge and ride and with its World Cup winning technology they are fast! Also as a wide one for a piste ski with an 85mm waist, the Atomic Q7’s are set up to handle dicier, less reliable conditions (so a little unplanned slackcountry–off-piste isn’t out of the question).

The Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock C is the one-ski quiver for all piste conditions, all day, the season long: predictable, highly stable, fast. It sits in the upper end of this 2023 Redster range, between the intermediate’s Q5 and the expert’s Q9 so a great bet for any good skier looking for an all rounder this season.

Katie Skied on Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock C (Carbon) + M12GW

Length: 173cm / Tip width: 134mm / Waist width: 84.5mm / Tail width: 118.8 / Radius: 14.4 metres / Active Camber 0/100/0

Atomic Cloud Q12

Atomic Cloud Q12 Revoshock C by Lady Charlotte Lynham

I am late to skiing, having only learnt in my 30’s and what with a skiing accident and COVID I have only really only skied 4 seasons. However, thanks to many trips with BBB and Adam I am not that bad, I think I can safely say I am now a good skier, and a good skier becomes more demanding when it comes to skis! The last few seasons I have become very fond of Atomic Redsters, they are sharp, quick, stable and very snazzy to look at, even when I try other skis I am back at the shop within an hour to swap back to my favourite Atomic Redsters.

I had also previously tried Atomic Cloud skis but I think they were the lower end of the ski level spectrum as they did not feel stable or dynamic enough for my style of skiing so have put off skiing on them since. Cue a trip to the Atomic Factory where they had selected a pair of Atomic Cloud Q12 Revoshock C for me. To be honest, I was hesitant to be excited with my previous experience with Cloud’s, but after some reassurance that these were the top end of the Cloud range and made for expert female skiers I agreed to put my doubts behind me and give them a go.

Atomic Cloud Q12

Tentatively skiing off on new skis (and in new Atomic boots) in Altenmarkt I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The first afternoon was a lot of resetting, fiddling and getting my mojo back but by the second day I was skiing like a pro! Whipping down the slopes at speed the skis did not flap, fight back against my style or loose grip on the slope.

The Atomic Cloud Q12 were smooth, quick, responsive and because of the technology they are very adaptive in terms of terrain as you change up skiing style to combat everything from groomed pistes to ice packed to slush. Another great thing about the Atomic Cloud Q12 is the snappy design, in a cool combo of purple and electric orange, so they not only respond well on piste but look good too! I am certainly a convert, a great all rounder female ski that can combat all on-piste conditions and a little bit of cheeky off-piste too.

Charlotte Skied on Atomic Cloud Q12 Revoshcock C + M 10 GW

Length: 166cm / Tip width: 132mm / Waist width: 84mm / Tail width: 117.5 / Radius: 13.6 metres / Active Camber 0/100/0

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