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A revolutionary alpine ski boot: Atomic Hawx Ultra 115 S W GW

by Lady Charlotte Lynham
Atomic Hawx

A supremely comfortable and strong women’s alpine ski boot, the all-mountain Atomic Hawx Ultra 115 S W GW features a narrow fit for top-end performance.

So if you have been following my ski story you’ll know I only started to skin in my 30’s. After a great start followed by a skiing accident followed by COVID to my return to the slopes in 2021 it’s been a journey! When I first started to ski I rented boots, but none of them ever quite fitted. I have very narrow feet and no arch to speak of so I always found the boot too big, wide and sloppy. So very early on I invested in my own pair of ski boots, they saw me through my initial training all the way through to mastering black pistes but wearing them for around 60 days each season through every weather condition you can think of took its toll on my beloved boots. So when I had the opportunity to retire them and try the new Atomic HAWX ULTRA 115 I jumped at the chance.

Atomic Fitting

The Atomic HAWX ULTRA 11 are an extremely powerful women’s ski boot and the stiffest in the Hawx Ultra range, the boot offers a low-volume, 98mm fit to deliver Legendary Hawx Feel and performance for expert female skiers. By using the slimmest profile possible and reinforcing critical power transfer zones, Prolite technology creates an incredibly lightweight, stable, and powerful ski boot for charging through every type of terrain. Totally customizable, the Mimic Platinum liner shapes precisely to the foot for the perfect fit. The tulip-shaped Adaptive Fit System Cuff features a removable spoiler for adjustable volume while Power Shift controls forward lean and flex. The boot is also equipped with Cantable GripWalk Grip Pads for a supremely powerful, performance-oriented boot for women skiers.

Atomic Boot Fitting

I was lucky enough to get my boots fitted at the Atomic Pro Center in Altenmarkt by the same pros that fit boots for Mikaela Shiffrin, Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and my female ski idol Sofia Goggia so I knew I was in good hands. They already had ready my 24/24.5 Mondo boots but it was time to have them moulded and fitted to my feet so they were bespoke to me. First they created the insole to support my arch by using a machine that puffs up a cushion to mould the insole to my foot. Then Atomic mega heated up the shell of the boot in a mini oven and put it all together on my foot along with the personal insole so that the whole boot became bespoke to me.

I then had to sit there for a while to allow it all to cool down and mould to my foot, ankle and calf. The boot is already designed as a narrow fit boot so was already perfect for my foot type but the extra steps of insole and personal moulding meant the boot was spot-on once adapted. Also compared to my previous boot the Atomic HAWX ULTRA 11 was so lightweight, it barely felt like I had a ski boot on compared to previous brands that feel heavy and clunky.

Atomic ultra 115 s w

Now all fitted and unique to me it was time to test them in Altenmarkt on the doorstep of the Atomic Pro Centre. Along with my new Atomic Cloud Q12 Revoshock C skis I was tentative to start with, what with all the new equipment and the lightness of the boots was certainly something I had to get used to, but, after a few turns and runs I was whipping down those slopes. The boots felt like an extension of my body, so lightweight and moulded to me they were not cumbersome but instead worked in unison with my body and my skis to allow me to seemingless perform long turns, short turns and everything in between.

Since first being fitted and their first turns these boots have seen around 80 days on snow and have not failed me yet! They have not lost their shape, if anything they are as tight as the day they got fit and without boot heaters I find them difficult to get on but once on they fit like a glove. I love that even out of skis they are comfortable, so I am not fussing or in pain at lunch or apres, and as they are so lightweight they are easy to navigate those dreaded stairs down to the toilets (why are the loos in mountain restaurants always in the basement???). I look forward to many more years with my Atomic HAWX ULTRA 11 and them taking me to the next level of my ski journey.

About the Atomic HAWX ULTRA 11

A supremely comfortable and strong women’s alpine ski boot, the all-mountain Atomic Hawx Ultra 115 S W GW features a narrow-fit for top-end performance.
WEIGHT: Weight (g) / Boot (Size) : 1,810 / 22-27.5
BOOT FIT: Narrow

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