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Powerful Distance Reiki with Helmsley Organics

by Sara Darling

There’s something about putting aside some time for wellness in the comfort of your own home; whether you like to light candles, wear your pj’s, or like me, snuggle up under a blanket on the sofa, it beats heading to a therapy centre, no matter how close it may be. My treatment of choice was distance Reiki with practitioner Georgina Helmsley, and I was keen to find out how this traditional in-person practice was going to pan out via the power of Zoom! It helped that she came highly recommended and had a totally transparent website that I could peruse pre-session.

The company, founded by Georgina and her husband Joe is a passion project which came about from personal experience and along with a Reiki qualification, natural, plant-based products have been developed to accompany the treatments, which are supercharged with its natural energy and a direct intention by Georgina to enhance the vibrational energy of every product.

reiki skincare

With one thing or another, I have been pretty stressed about house buying and suffering from menopausal symptoms, so I was intrigued to try something to help me shift my energy and help clear my brain fog. Reiki has been used for centuries for participants to deepen their self-awareness and become more conscious of their body, emotions and energy. Designed to bring lightness and clarity, sessions with a trusted guide should help alleviate mental fog and provide rejuvenation.

With a Zoom call arranged, I discussed my current mental state with Georgina as you would in an in person session, and she explained that she would be using Reiki as a vessel of the Japanese Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen technique. This involves transmitting healing energy across time and space, regardless of physical distance. “The symbol of the connection between the past, present, and future” has been the basis of Reiki for centuries, and by focusing on this symbol, Reiki practitioners aim to establish a spiritual connection with the intended recipient, regardless of their location. It is a way for healers to connect and transmit healing energy without the constraints of distance – emphasising the universal nature of energy and its potential for positive impact.

distance healing image 1 smallerAnd so the session began, I applied rehydrating mist over my face, then lay back and relaxed whilst Georgina got to work, assuring me that she would be intuitively guided to focus on the parts of the body that need work. I didn’t actually know what was taking place on screen during the session, I was slipping in and out of a slumber, occasionally brought back to reality with a movement in my chest and involuntary eye flutter, which I presume is where the energy was most active.  After approximately 35 minutes I was gently brought back into the room by Georgina’s voice as she roused me, asking me to open my eyes, but still relax. I felt quite emotional, and was very pleased to be on my own sofa, and she continued to say she had sensed a blockage on my heart chakra, and worked on that, which would have explained the tight chest feelings.

distance healing image 2 smaller e1687445343446How did I feel afterwards? To be honest, I had a very low key evening, I was at one with my thoughts, which was not a bad thing. I felt relaxed and comfortable in my own space and skin, and believe I got the most of this intimate experience and healing energy without any external distractions. Would I do it again? Definitely. I think any wellness methods that help you with self care should be given time to, and I’m sure I have plenty more areas of stress and worry to de-tangle inside me.

For more information on the practise and Georgina and the amazing products, check the website.

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