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Spotlight on UNIKA Ibiza: Salon of Dreams

by Katarina Polonsky

Winter in Ibiza is a wonderful place, but sometimes, getting the experiences we love most is impossible. Shops, restaurants, beach clubs, spas, and hotels are closed, and the Island – now out of the party spotlight – is quieter than normal. Worst of all, our favourite salons are typically shut for the season. So of course, getting a manicure or pedicure, or getting our brows done or any beauty treatment that we so need and enjoy, is harder than normal. But with Unika, Hands, Feet, Love, that’s all changed.

Though this incredible nail salon may decide to eventually take some well-deserved time off in the Winter months in the future, for now, we’re savouring the knowledge that they’re on the Island – and they’re here to give the best manicures, pedicures, and treatments, you’ll probably ever experience. I certainly did.

Unika lives in the ultra-prime location of the Marina Botafoch, and was founded by Sandra Pride. Having been around for nearly 3 years, the salon started as a home-visit service for certain clients who knew Sandra’s talents. New to the Island, she spent her days driving around and delivering the best treatments in the comfort of their homes. This ultra-bespoke service slowly evolved into the idea of creating an ultra-bespoke service on a bigger scale.

Rather than just staying with home visits, why not create a home away from home for the clients? A place where clients could escape from the chaos of their families, or renovations, or where they’re working from. A place to retreat to. Find good conversation. Get pampered. Listen to good music. Have some drinks, and relax, rest, and rejuvenate. And so, Unika was born, to spotlight good times and good vibes.

Salon Spotlight: Inside UNIKA Ibiza

The salon’s interior is minimalist and clean, with a soothing energy that gives it a relaxing aura. With an abundance of plants around to give it that lush and fertile feel, it’s a true retreat space. The treatments they offer include all varieties of manicures, including gel polish and extensions. They even look after kids’ and men’s nails too. Podology is another area of treatment, as are brows, massages, masks, nail art, and Swarovski elements.

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I had two treatments, being slightly pressed for time. The first was the brows, waxed, shaped, and tinted by the brilliant Daisy. Against a backdrop of soothing music, she worked her magic, waxing them to perfection and delicately tinting them with pristine precision. The result was brilliant. It was slightly darker than I would normally dare go for, so it was a look for the spotlight, though I was gladly reassured it suited me well.

For my nails, I had the privilege of having owner Sandra do them for me. I wasn’t sure what to go for, but as soon as I caught a glimpse of her nails I knew exactly what I wanted. With a nude, pinkish tone, a natural nail colour, and a gorgeous elegant oval shape, her nails looked flawless. She worked diligently and meticulously, keeping the spotlight on the treatment, conversation flowing, and the ambience relaxed, whilst doing magic work on my nails. Using techniques I’d never seen before, she was a true artist.

Products used at the salon

Of course, helping her art were the stellar products from Emi, TBG Biab, an ArtStile, and luxurious nail salon products that helped create the quality finish. By the end of the treatment, my nails looked spectacular. I couldn’t stop staring at them – and honestly, hands down, they looked better than ever before. Truly the best manicure I have had.

PHOTO 2023 03 11 09 10 54

Should you visit Unika Ibiza?

Yes! Leaving Unika with a spring in my step, I was thrilled to have discovered this gem of a salon in my new home. As a new winter resident of the island, and someone who wants epic nails year round, I am truly so glad to have found my new staple salon. I will be back. Thank you Unika!

Unika Ibiza
Carrer del Ceramista Joan Daifa
07800 Eivissa
Illes Balears


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