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Experiencing the astonishing Sarah Jane Watson Signature Treatment

by Lorna Oakley
Sarah Jane Watson

After a full diary of writing, travelling and a house sale in the first half of this year had left me a little tense, to put it mildly, and I was rather happy, to say the least when I had the invitation to visit Sarah Jane Watson.

As soon as you meet Sarah Jane Watson her aura instantly calms you, she is the practitioner of choice for many international actors and producers when they are in London. Her commitment to caring professionalism and bringing only the most luxurious and highest quality wellness experience to people’s homes has led to a successful private practice of loyal clients who value her integrity and discretion. Three decades of spiritual practice and study led to the development of Sarah Jane Watson’s highly intuitive approach to treating clients, and her training in Ashtanga yoga and her love of dance deepened her understanding of the body, allowing her to explore the energetics of movement and improvisational flow. Known for her exemplary standards of care and her calm, serene manner, Sarah’s work is trusted and recommended by many well-respected therapists in the health, sport and beauty industries.


A frequent contributor to health and well-being articles, an appointment with Sarah Jane Watson is like no other; elegant with what one could describe as an air of serenity, which is part of her intuitive skill that is second nature to her.

The massage itself flew by, focusing on the tension around my right shoulder and back and it was 40 minutes of pure bliss, discarding the idea of formulaic massage, Sarah’s energetically intuitive method is reactive – she trusts the knowledge of her hands to guide and read her client’s tissues and tensions while using her instinct to create a personalised experience that rebalances the nervous system and brings relief to the body. From the soles of the feet to the crown of the head, Sarah rolls, kneads and manipulates the body while interpreting its reaction to her unique balance of Swedish, Balinese, Hawaiian and Indian head massage techniques. Sarah’s transformative touch combined with her powerful aromatherapy blends, create a sophisticated synergistic effect ensuring optimum therapeutic results.

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What makes Sarah’s treatment so special is her ability to take the session beyond the physicality of muscle therapy. Using a rhythmical flow and a mix of firm and gentle pressure, the artistry of Sarah’s treatment is blissfully meditative. By lulling the body into a profound state of rest, the mind can gently release and let go of emotional tension. You will always leave Sarah Jane Watson’s treatment feeling calm, re-energised and in a complete state of tranquillity.

Stepping out of her Notting Hill home, I found my shoulders had lowered, the nagging tension that had built up had faded and I literally floated for the rest of the day; followed by a luxuriously unbroken sleep.

To book a treatment with Sarah Jane Watson see online.

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