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Home Cooked Comfort Food ByRuby

by Sara Darling

Imagine getting fresh, tasty home cooked meals without going anywhere near the shops, or your chopping knife. In fact the most difficult part of using ‘ByRuby’ is choosing what to order. 

With a comprehensive menu ranging from meat, veggie/vegan, fish and sides, all conveniently packaged in individual or two person packages, the meals are hearty and healthy. And the great thing is, they are freshly cooked, freshly frozen and come delivered to your door in ice. So whether you want to eat them that evening, or buy to freeze for the week, you can plan ahead like I did.

Being veggie and living alone, I sometimes lose inspiration for cooking main meals for one and takeaways – not wanting to spend over £20 on a home-delivery, knowing I’m not going to eat all of it so it will go to waste – or I’ll be chowing down on cold Chinese for two days. 

This is when ‘ByRuby’ should be on speed-dial. Offering meals that you like, in solo portions is the lazy (or busy) person’s kismet. Not only are they conveniently sized, they arrive frozen – which is nature’s way of preserving and locks in flavour and nutrients without the use of nasties, so are convenient, nutritious and best of all, guilt-free!

Founded by Ruby who met Milly, her creative co-founder, while working as Head Chef at Finns, the pair have got the lazy chef’s cooking to a T, and whether you fancy comfort food like cauliflower korma, butternut squash and spinach dhal, steamed stream trout or veggie lasagne, ByRuby has got you covered. With all options covered from Mains, Vegan, Gluten Free and Lighter options and sides, there is a wide range to choose from;  and the Cashew and Cranberry Energy Balls need a review of their own, they’re so delicious! 

Caring about food, the suppliers and the environment is what makes ByRuby so unique- all the vegetables are sourced daily from New Covent Garden market, and the team use local British suppliers, so customers are guaranteed that their meals are organic and fresh. All the packaging is recyclable, and they ask customers to resend the cooling system *for free. If you want to treat yourself and reduce your food waste by ordering perfect size portions for you or the whole family, I would recommend checking out the ByRuby menu for a guilt free treat. 

Order yours online byruby.co.uk


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