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5 Festive Advent Calendars for one and all

by Lis-Marie Liden

There truly is an advent calendar for every kind of person, for the chocolate connoisseur, the Gin or Coffee enthusiast or the beauty product hunter. Here you will find a bunch of lovely examples and who knows maybe there’s one that hits the spot for you.

Chocolate Advent Calendars

Now this might be the classic choice, I mean who doesn’t like a nice piece of chocolate in the countdown to Christmas daily?

Ombar sent me two calendars, both Vegan, fair trade, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and tasty. Both Calendars come with a beautiful message whether it’s to minimise carbon footprints or make a donation to fund reforestation. When opening the little window to reach for that sweet piece of chocolate you are also given a message of tips and tricks to help the planet or how to live more sustainably like why not buy an experience rather than things. I know I would definitely like to live a better and more sustainable life for this one planet we have so I’m excited to see what else I can learn running up to Christmas.

adult milk calendar

I do like to be adventurous with Chocolate now and again but there’s just something about classic milk chocolate to go with my morning Latte. Montezuma has a calendar treating you to a thick organic chocolate coin all the way to Christmas day. Super creamy Milk chocolate in a fully recyclable calendar. Each window treats you to a sweet little artwork. I know it’s tempting to continue opening the windows and take another piece, but stay strong.

Beverage Advent Calendars

I love coffee and one of the best Christmas gifts ever received was a Nespresso Machine. If you are familiar with these pods you know not only can they be costly, it can be a bit of a journey to find your preferred taste. So the Blue Goose Eco Coffee Pod Advent Calendar is perfect. With eight different specialty-grade organic coffee pods you’re bound to find a favourite or two or eight.

Worlds first Eco Coffee Pod Advent Calendar for Nespresso ® Christmas Coffee Gifts Guide Blue Goose Sail ship coffee Bird Friendly ® certified coffee 8dlz jh

Blue Goose is an amazing company, Carbon Neutral, treating you to plastic and aluminium-free coffee pods that you can compost at home. Every sale supports wildlife and water charities and is hand packed by the Devon disability collective giving employment opportunities to people with disabilities. And if a coffee pod away to keep the morning grumps away wasn’t enough you also have a chance to win coffee goodies if you spot a golden egg. The perfect grown-up advent calendar.

If like me you like gin, I have the best advent calendar for you. Drinks by the Dram has created a stunning calendar with the best gins from around the globe. Inside you’ll find classics and innovative creations. All are sealed in sweet 3cl bottles, perfect for a glass. Such an exciting way to find the perfect gin for you. But don’t forget the tonic.


The calendar will look amazing on the shelf as well in its stunning soft lilac shade with a winter scene artwork on the front. Tasty and beautiful. And that’s not all, on the calendar there’s a QR code that brings you to daily Ginspiration on their website. Did you see what I did there?

Beauty Advent Calendar

I’m a massive fan of Jurlique so I am super excited to get a daily treat in the shape of their Advent calendar. Behind each door there will be 24 beauty treats for skin and body, and each little box has its own mantra to inspire you daily. If you have ever tried Jurlique products you will know they feel very luxurious and give your skin and body that much-needed TLC.

Jurlique Advent

Products made from farm-grown botanical formulas with their well-known fresh and uplifting fragrances. I think this is a perfect way to find a favourite product but also start your day by feeling radiant. There is a mixture of full-size and miniatures perfect for your shelf at home or for travelling. For the beauty and wellness enthusiast, this calendar is perfect. I know I will look radiant by the time Santa comes.

So whether you’re a chocolate, coffee, gin or beauty enthusiast there is a perfect calendar for you or why not gift it to a friend, colleague or family member? I don’t think we ever grow out of getting small gifts like these running up to Christmas surely.


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