Supper London

by Joanna Gregory

It’s no surprise that take-aways have changed since the rise of capsule delivery companies such as Just Eat and Deliveroo. Eyes gazing on an app waiting for your food to arrive like you’ve not eaten in days however, Supper London are an exceptionally unique company offering an incredible service. We can kiss goodbye to soggy noodles and lukewarm burgers.

Supper London was founded in 2015 having recognised the demand for high quality food, serving customers in zone 1, their fleet of drivers deliver the food on zippy Japanese bikes with superior technology to ensure our precious cargo arrives fresh from the kitchen.

The choice on the website is extensive, simply type in your postcode to find list of exclusive restaurants and, in some cases, department store spin offs such as Fortnum’s and Harrods, in your area. I opt for Manicomio an Italian restaurant with a twist. The menu is wide range of dishes from the tangy miso aubergine to the mouth-watering lobster linguini which was a true showstopper. The meal is finished off with a creamy tiramisu and a dark chocolate and peanut combo that banishes my sugar ban with gusto.

The process of ordering is easy, however, as I live in a complex dwelling and need to be contacted by the driver upon arrival, I called the helpline to give them a heads up. A friendly person on the other end helped with my request and text messages filter through giving you the whereabouts of your meal from kitchen to front door.

The quality of both the food and service are second to none and a real treat for those wanting to snuggle in front of the fire in the comfort of their own home, eating incredible food without the fanfare of attending a restaurant.

For more information on what is available and how to order visit online.

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