Blaze Wear

by Hayley Sparkes

When winter approaches, as much as I look forward to Christmas and crisp sunny days, I cannot help but feel a wave of dread when I think about the temperature dropping. Like so many others, I really suffer with the cold and my body is just not very efficient at keeping warm. Over the years I have tried thermal vests, layering up within an inch of my life, adding every scarf, hat and warm accessory you can think of in a bid to stay cosy. Without much success at fighting the freeze, I began to use a travel hot water bottle and when appropriate would disguise it underneath my coat. Whilst I certainly warmed up with this method, the bumpy outline of the bottle was difficult to hide and it was not very practical. Everything changed for me when I recently discovered an amazing new clothing brand called Blaze Wear. The company specialises in creating rechargeable battery operated stylish heated clothing. Despite my desperation to stay warm, I never wanted to compromise on my style, but after discovering the Blaze Wear Heated Explorer Jacket I knew I would not have to again.

The revolutionary Heated Explorer Jacket is both heated and stylish. The revolutionary heat technology compromises of front and back heated element panels with subtle carbon fibres. The rechargeable battery stays hidden within a side pocket and also doubles up as a phone charger. Whilst the sleek silver battery pack is not small it does go unnoticed once wearing the jacket. The stylish design of the jacket includes a removable hood with a faux fur trim. The jacket has three heat settings, low which will heat the jacket to 38°C, medium 45°C and high 55°C. The battery life varies depending on the heat setting, for low on average it will last 13 hours, medium 8 hours and high 4 hours. The pockets are also fleece lined for extra comfort. The battery and lead must be removed but the jacket is actually machine washable.The Blaze Wear range has been engineered to perform in the most challenging and cold weather conditions. The range has been designed to allow users to stay outdoors for longer and not to let the cold weather stop their fun and activities. I have been wearing my jacket everywhere since it first arrived, at first I started wearing the jacket on country and evening walks but I love it so much I now wear it on a regular basis for all sorts of occasions. It has become such a vital part of my winter wardrobe, I don’t know how I lived without it?!?

Since road testing out the jacket I have been so impressed by how stylish it is. The jacket has a fitted shape so it looks sleek and not bulky. The fabric of the jacket is breathable and over all is just feels so comfortable and cosy. This jacket is now my fashionable way of feeling like I am wearing a hot water bottle. I have received so many compliments from people commenting on how lovely the jacket looks and then they have been amazed once they found out about the additional function of the heated element!Other garments Blaze Wear produce include heated body warmers, base layers, gloves, accessories and heat therapy products suitable for sports injuries. There is simply no longer any need to suffer in the cold. Blaze Wear can help keep you toasty from top to toe! I have been recommending the Heated Explorer Jacket wherever I go, as I want to spread the word so others can feel as great as I now do in the cold.

Blaze Wear offers free UK delivery and returns, and the company also delivers internationally.

The heated explorer jacket is available for both men and women from £199.

For more information and to view the full collection see online.

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