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5 Exciting Gifts for Children: Christmas Gift Guide Part Two

by Chris Cox

With Christmas around the corner it felt like the right time to look at some fun gifts for your small children. So my small children got lucky and got to play with a few things early to let you know what to put under the tree this year.

Mini U Bath Toys

What Is It:
Since 2010 Mini U have been creating good clean fun with a range of no mess no stress bath actives. Created around a cute cast of sea creatures these colourful bath bombs, crayons, bubbles, shampoo, fizzy plops and more add fun and excitement to bath time. They’re made in the UK, good from birth, vegan cruelty-free and free from gluten soy and dairy – with no artificial nasties.

What We Thought:
What a brilliant way to make the kids want to get into the bath. These made the bath time routine a joy for everyone. The kids loved practicing their newly learned writing skills with the crayons on the bath, and I loved how quickly it washed away. The fizzy plops give them colourful baths to pretend to be mermaids in and the look of excitement when rainbow colours exploded out of the cloud bath bomb was priceless. You fill your tub with water and Mini U fill it with fun. These have gone straight out our list for presents for kids friends throughout the year, what a great brand!

Where To Get It:
Online at www.miniu.co.uk

Mini U Toys


What Is it:Creative boxes for curious kids. These flexible subscription boxes encourage crafting, creativity and learning in children aged 3-8. The boxes include everything you need to unleash your child’s imagination and creativity. The special Christmas toucanBox contains Santa’s Doodle Parachute Sleigh allowing you to launch him from the top of the stairs, a Frosty Forest Ice Skating Lake and Personalised Christmas Stocking along with a special edition Christmas magazine, surprise collectable and sticker sheet. You can buy a one-off box or a subscription to last for as little or as long as you want.

What We Thought:Our 3 and 5 year old girls loved this, and we loved the fact it was totally age appropriate meaning they could do the majority of it without any help from us. The instructions come with excellent illustrations which they could follow and the quality of the crafts was excellent. In the best possible way this activity took ages, filling a whole morning with fun and giving us some quality family time at the end of a busy week. I was also amazed at how the secret learning for each activity now means our kids can explain what gravity is. This is going straight on the Christmas list for the kids grandparents to get them a years subscription. So every month it arrives and they have a new activity to play with.

Where To Get It:www.toucanbox.comEach craft kit is sold separately £9.95, or as part of a subscription package starting at £6.95 Limited edition Christmas toucanBox £14.95 or as part of a subscription package £13.90Available to purchase now.
Elfland UK Sleepy Elf Bedtime Gift 

What Is It:From Sensory Retreats this is a cute gift box contenting a limited edition copy of The Lost Wish book, a box of Elf Eyes self heating eye masks and a magical Elfland wish wand. It’s all you need for a elftastic bedtime with a story that features magical elf characters and the festive and funky elf eye mask which self heats to give a warm feeling and allows you little one to practice mindfulness before drifting off.

What We Thought:With an emphasis on holistic wellbeing this is a fun way to introduce the kids to mindfulness and relaxing. They loved putting on their elf eyes to go to sleep and it really helped them relax. The book is aimed at slightly older kids but our still enjoyed following the story of the elves. I can see the masks coming in handy to relax and get them ready for sleep on Christmas Eve!

Where To Get It:Online at www.sensoryretreats.com
Elfland Sleepy Kit

Classic World Pick a Brick Jenga Style Wall Game from HippyChick

What Is it:
Focusing on good design and products that are made to last HippyChick are a great resource for unique Christmas gifts. They are committed to discovering and developing innovative and original products that are truly beneficial for parents and children alike. The Pick A Brick Jenga Style Wall Game is a twist on the classic game making it more suitable for younger children. It’s made from sustainable wood and helps develop fine motor skills

What We Thought:
What a load of fun this was. We played it once as a family then our 3 and 5 year olds were very happy to sit and play it together leaving us time to have a mince pie. Instead of an upright tower in the classic game there is a wall which the chicken sits on and the job is to remove the bricks from the wall without the chicken falling down. The kids loved the jeopardy of it and very quickly learnt how to test pieces and work out which ones are safe to come out. I was amazed at how quickly our 3 year old picked it up and how much she enjoyed it.

Where To Get It:
Priced £18.50 you can buy it along with a host of other toys at hippychick.com

Classic World Pick a Brick Jenga Style Wall Game from HippyChick
Steiff Teddy Bear

What Is It:The OG Teddy Bear. 120 years ago Steiff invented the teddy bear and they’re still going strong. As part of the 120th teddy bear anniversary all bears have special stainless steel button in ear as is tradition along with centre seams, contrasting paws, bear eyes and an embroiled nose. He is a bear of luxury. Steiff is the original teddy bear company and has made some of the most valuable plus toys in the world. Premium and high end created with unique craftsmanship and luxuriously soft materials they’re durable, washable and damn cute.

What We Thought:In a world where the kids bedrooms are filled with cuddly’s there is something special about a Steiff bear. Incredible soft and the highest of quality it’s easy to see why they become treasured family heirlooms passed down through generations. We got the 21cm tell Ben Teddy Bear which comes with a cute little suitcase, he is soft enough for perfect snuggling and durable enough to be taken out and about our 3 year old has been taking him everywhere. She has adored carrying him in the case and turning it into a little bed for the bear which she tucks in every night.

Where to get it:Steiff Ben Teddy Bear in a Suitcase Soft Toy, John Lewis, Fenwick,Amazon.co.uk, Harrods and other leading toy retailers.
Steiff Ben Teddy bear

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