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5 best at-home health and wellness brands

by Lorna Oakley

Last month I was rather fortunate to meet the incredible, Mahsa at her amazing clinic that she’s based at in Belgravia with her husband Brandon. This got me thinking, as a former London girl, who is now based in Wales; I’m only in the city 2 or 3 times a month; but what about the times that we can’t see our favourite beauty and medical professionals?

MAHSA at home

Dr Mahsa and Dr Brandon Nejati with more than 20 years of experience in holistic dentistry and their mission is “Treating the whole you” and making their patients understand that being unwell in one aspect affects you in others. In my previous editorial with them, Mahsa kindly spent some time with me and I had an amazing treatment which also included her LED light-activated kit.

I’m now converted to her products, I can guarantee you will be too; there’s the charcoal and ginger whitening toothpaste, the rosemary and thyme toothpaste and the turmeric, pepper and clove oil toothpaste; all with matching mouthwash which can be purchased here. It’s the perfect gift or you can keep it yourself as it looks beyond stylish on the bathroom shelf.


Eyeam was founded by Margo and Roxy Marrone, a mother-daughter duo with a deep knowledge of mind, body and spirit healing – and a shared desire to help those around them heal themselves. Margo is a Cosmetic Formulator, Pharmacist, Homeopath and Energy Healer with over 30 years of experience in the wellness industry (and the founder of one of my favourite wellness brands, Organic Pharmacy!). Her daughter Roxy is an Integrative Nutritional Health and Manifesting Coach who has fostered a strong community with her online platform Healing with Roxy.

At 24, Roxy suddenly developed hormonal acne which affected every aspect of her life, most notably her confidence and self-esteem. After sharing her struggles with her mother and her community, she learned that she wasn’t alone. Together, Roxy and Margo developed Eyeam as a solution backed by both science and spirit to help others connect the dots and restore balance.

Eyeam was the solution to my problems. It drove me to create a community where I could share my healing toolbox with everyone suffering from similar problems, both physically and emotionally” – Roxy

It’s only just launched and you can purchase Eyeam here.

Skin Matters Notting Hill at home

Transforming the way we approach skin, Joanne Evans and her team create highly personalised treatments with a results-oriented attitude for ultimate skin confidence. They offer bespoke treatments, exploring every angle of skincare from traditional techniques to the newest technology and they have now launched Calming GeI.

This is the first innovation from Skin Matters Studio founder and expert facialist Joanne Evans formulated using 30 years of practical skin expertise, the revolutionary balm-to-gel formula uses a simple combination of highly-effective and PH-balanced ingredients known for their soothing and repairing properties.

Calming gel

This can used at home as the ultimate skin saviour to restore and rejuvenate skin health. It can also be used safely on inflamed and sensitive skin to help cool and calm irritation following more advanced aesthetic treatments while providing a protective barrier against environmental damage, it’s THE go-to product if you are laying low post ‘tweakments’. You can purchase Calming Gel here.

Bodyism at Home

Situated in one of my favourite haunts, West London-based Bodyism is more than a gym, it focuses on the body and soul, which is guided by four core pillars: mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery.

Offering a framework of services focused on exercise, mindfulness and nutrition that equip people with the tools to achieve their optimum fitness level and live happier, healthier lives as the best versions of themselves, Bodyism can be found in luxury hotels and spas across the globe (see my previous editorial here). Their flagship club is in the heart of Notting Hill, London and when I get the chance I love a solo lunch at the Bodyism café.

If you are not London-based, they’ve also designed a range of unparalleled health supplements each providing a powerful baseline to help you reach your weight loss and wellbeing goals that you can order online. From plant-based proteins that reinvigorate your gut to beauty-boosting elixirs to help your skin glow, there’s a Bodyism supplement for everyone, each lovingly designed to help transform your health and happiness.

The Wellness Foundry at home

Founded by Fiongal, a Tarot reader, psychic artist, spiritual adviser and founder of The Wellness Foundry. Their mission is to equip people with the practical tools and practices, expert guidance and community they need to live their best and grow. The Wellness Foundry offers Crystal healing, Reiki, Spiritual Energy Healing and Sound Baths amongst other incredible services.

Including their latest launch – SpiritGram – your spiritual ‘cameo’. It’s the gift of insight – enjoy a 3-5 minute personalised channelled video reading to your inbox or WhatsApp around any subject of your choice.

Wellness foundry 1

A SpiritGram message can be that boost of self-trust during challenging times, birthday energy, welcoming in a new job or a bit of a pep talk! Each SpiritGram will have a USM (unique Spirit message) the practitioner will mention your name and channel the energy before starting the reading. This can be purchased here Spiritgram.

Above are just a handful of my favourite brands and people, I can’t wait to share more. Watch this space . . .


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