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7 New Natural Beauty at Home Products

by Lorna Oakley

Following on from my previous editorial on the best beauty treatments in London, I wanted to share the ‘new Naturals’ at home, it’s all about the perfect cruelty-free glow with the best results.

Eyem No Baggage Eye Serum

Say goodbye to your baggage, quite literally. This organic caffeine serum roller for puffy eyes is perfectly made to fit in your bag when sitting at your desk in front of your laptop, or to start the day.

This feather-weight serum is designed to soothe any morning puffiness, with a super-concentrated complex of herbs, caffeine, and antioxidants, this can be applied both in the AM and PM to minimise the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

I now use it as part of my morning ritual, alongside my go-to products from Organic Pharmacy and White Lotus and as a cooling pick-me-up mid-afternoon if my eyes feel tired working from home.

Combined with our unique rose quartz crystal roller, to cool and massage the puffiness away. Double the power with our signature activated crystal extract.” 

This serum is gentle and, unlike thicker creams, works for all skin types. Importantly, unlike many other eye products available, Eyeam serum is 100% vegan and only contains organic ingredients. No extra baggage for you – or the planet via Eyeam.

The Organic Pharmacy Face Gel and Serum

As you may have guessed previously, I am a big fan of Organic Pharmacy. Introducing their latest products, this is what I could only describe as the ultimate skincare power couple, bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and herbal extracts, this gel and serum duo boosts collagen production, tightens pores and promotes a natural glow.

natural beauty

The ultra-light revitalising gel is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and herbal extracts. The radiant oil-serum blend is packed with potent, skin-loving ingredients for a radiant, healthy glow. Within days your skin feels smoother and less dry, it actually works; I have dry skin, but I am not a fan of heavy creams and serums; this literally glides on, with the most beautiful texture.

These can be purchased as a set, which I’d highly recommend via Organic Pharmacy. They are definitely the kind of products you’d buy on repeat. I use this after my Foreo Bear, which I really want to introduce next.

Foreo Bear

Ok, so I was rather curious about this, there’s big claims and it’s a bit of an investment. Foreo was launched with a clear goal in mind: to help everyone achieve their best possible skin with easy, at-home products and devices that offer incredible results.

Foreo’s founder, Filip Sedić wanted to take away the fuss, time and expense of spa treatments and offer his customers devices that do a spa treatment-style job at home which is where the BEAR 2 comes into play.

As you may have seen from previous articles, I am a massive fan of anything to do with lymphatic or sculpting, whether it’s my face or body; and I have consistently used the Gua Sha or Kansa wand every day. According to the Foreo website, 90% of users noticed a difference in just a week. It’s the first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with an anti-shock system and four revolutionary types of microcurrent; so far so good; but does it actually work?

Foreo says it can “lift and firm your facial muscles, revitalise and smooth your skin, sculpt and contour your complexion with this safe, painless tool”. Is it true? Well, yes.

It’s a satisfying feeling when you can see your skin lifting and smoothing; (this could be a combination of this and my new skincare regime, however, there is no disputing the sharper cheekbones and jawline. Will it stop working? I’m not quite sure what happens when you stop using it, as I’ve used it alongside my Gua Sha since it arrived (Gua Sha / Kansa wand is THE dream on tight shoulders and/or neck, so this is non-negotiable). Visit Foreo for more info and to purchase.

3ina The No Rules Stick

The No-rules Stick is a 3 in 1 multi-tasking stick that serves as a lipstick, a blush, and an eyeshadow. With Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, and available in 8 bright pastel colours, this will give you healthy-looking skin in seconds.


I’ve loved 3ina products for a while, the quality is amazing and their lip liners create the perfect natural look. So, when these arrived, they were the perfect addition to the barely there look that I am attempting to cultivate! You can purchase them here.


I totally fell for this product range last year, the original Cellu Lite Oil is a potent cellulite oil formulated to aid massage in smoothing uneven and congested areas of the legs. With the award season in full swing, Legology has all the makeup artists and hairstylists kitted out with their transformation kit for legs, and I was kindly sent a kit too.

Offering colour, contour and comfort to legs gives that extra dose of ‘legstra’ confidence to legs on a shoot, set, runway and even the red carpet. “Everything you need to get pins ready for any occasion is in this kit. Air-Lite contouring cream and Sun-Lite tinted cream for legs are the ultimate pair to bring lightness, shape and colour to legs”.


I use this wonderful leg makeup to get my clients ready for any event.“- Fiona Eustace, MUA. I personally won’t be near a red carpet for the foreseeable and my LFW days are over, however, the combination of Exfo- lite (A potent sea and Himalayan salt scrub, that targets dry skin and puffiness to reveal super soft streamlined legs) and the ‘hot legs’ kit contents (this is the daily lift for legs and the sheer lingerie for legs) was the perfect pick me up and is part of my daily routine without fail combined with dry body brushing.

The uplifting lemon scent throughout all the products in the range is enough to brighten your mood on the greyest of days! You can purchase them here.


Following on with the natural beauty theme, there’s been a big focus on a more natural smile as of late, with bonding taking over from the traditional veneer, hence I loved the look of Ordo. I religiously use Mahsa Toothpaste so when the water flosser arrived from Ordo, I was hooked.


An exciting new product for Ordo’s range, this Water Flosser utilises the power of hydrokinetic technology to effectively blast away plaque and any food debris that lurks in the gum line or between teeth. It can offer up to 2000 water pulsations per minute, has a 360-degree nozzle rotation for targeted cleaning and three pressure settings.  

It’s the perfect product that is not too harsh on your teeth and gums and it works alongside my dental routine. You can purchase Ordo here.

Bare Feet

With the colder seasons still upon us, there’s the temptation to skip salon pedicures whilst our toes are hidden in fluffy socks and boots. The new Electronic Callus Remover from Bare Feet is a rechargeable, at-home pedicure device that removes hard skin and tough calluses in seconds, with visible results from the very first use.

The device comes with two specialist-grade micro-crystal roller heads, allowing you to tailor the treatment to your needs. Gentle on the skin but highly effective, the Rough Roller Head can remove even the toughest of hard skin and calluses, while the Fine Roller Head easily buffs away dry, dead skin.

electronic callus remover

I’ve been using this on my feet twice a week before a bath on dry skin and it’s making a big difference in smoothing my skin (side note, I run and/or have a long walk every day for reference, my feet are not the prettiest). This is a great investment for less than the price of a salon pedicure! You can buy Bare Feet products here.

To conclude, for those of you like me, who left the city; but want the best products at home; these are the perfect brands to achieve that more natural at home fresh look and feel.

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