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5 Helpful Winter skincare, beauty and wellbeing products

by Lis-Marie Liden
winter skincare

The colder months of Winter are upon us and it is always good to prepare ourselves for this and also stock up on products to help us through. Whether you want to support your skin or start from within, I have trialled a few products perfect for this.

Winter Supplements for overall wellbeing

Starting from within is what I believe to be the best way to go. I have tried three different supplements from JSHealth, these for me are “all year around” kinds of products but perfect for prepping in Winter.

Bloating is one of the most annoying things, not only is it uncomfortable, but I don’t love the offer of a seat on the bus because of it, some kind of soul assuming I have a baby onboard. I have received the Detox + Debloat, two things I desperately needed help with. I think so many women struggle with this. And after having taken my one-month supply I feel less bloated and my gut health has improved. The main ingredients making this happen are Turmeric and Fennel seed, both good for so many things. The tablet looks big but is taken with great ease. And of course, if you want to see good results you have to take them consistently, no cheating.


My hair is always in need of support, strength and health boost. But what if you can take a supplement supporting both your hair, skin and your energy levels? JSHealth has the one for you. Their Hair + Energy formula does just this, it’s a two-month supply. Inside these capsules, you’ll find Zinc supporting hair, nails and skin and Iodine from an exclusive Kelp blend supporting the same as well as regulating metabolism and helping keep your energy levels up. Just what we need to help us through the season ahead.

Hair Energy

Last but absolutely not least, I also received their Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, the tastiest way truly to enjoy the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, without that strong taste that many hate. So what is it good for you wonder?

Some health benefits are:

  • May help to aid weight loss
  • Balancing insulin and glucose levels
  • Increase the feeling of fullness
  • Some studies suggest if may help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Holding anti-microbial properties

So not only are they fruity and tasty they will do your body a lot of good, in the easiest way through one gummy a day. I have just learned I have high blood pressure and am super excited to see if these gummies will do the trick.

Winter Skincare for face and body

Skinshop sent me some lovely products to try, including the Chameleon Concealer which I was super excited about. This is a tone-matching and active smoothing concealer cream. So let’s say you have redness occurring on your skin, then this is perfect for you. It will look green as you apply it but when you massage it into your skin the true colour match will come through. It’s non-sticky and even harbours a 20 SPF. This to me is perfect for those days when you want to keep away from too much makeup but still look glowing. Having that said this works for under your makeup too.

Liquorice Balm

The next product is the Clarol Nordic Birch & Willow primer. I’m not exaggerating when I say the fragrance alone makes it feel like you are in the midst of Birches and Willow trees. It has a very lightweight texture and a little goes a very long way. It beautifully mattifies the skin all the while working to tackle oiliness and give a smoother skin tone. Easy to use before applying makeup as it is absorbed perfectly.

Last but not least from Skinshop I received the Lip Q Liquorice Balm. And it could not have reached me at a better time. I am on occasion a sufferer of cold sores, especially in Winter, and I hate them with a passion. This balm will support in a 100% natural way to combat cold sores. And as a Liquorice lover, I can’t help but re-apply. I definitely reach for this at the first tingle on the lip.

When I opened the next products I was in awe of the presentation of them. They truly are shelf show-stoppers. Byroe New York sent me two of their products to try, the first one is their Purple Tea Body Oil. I am becoming quite a fan of body oils, I feel they keep moisture for longer and truly leave your skin smooth and lustrous. The Purple Tea Body oil targets dull and dehydrated skin all the while boosting cell turnover. My skin is left with a lovely and balanced fragrance of fresh florals, sweet berries and jasmine.

The second item might be my favourite from Byroe and it’s their Rose Tea Eye Cream, the lid of the jar has a beautiful rose making it a statement on the shelf. Opening it up you’ll find a sherbet-type textured cream. Dabbing just the smallest amount on my under-eye skin I can instantly see a change, my skin looks calmer and less puffy. It restores brightness and plumps the skin. Important to know when using eye creams of any kind is to be gentle when applying, the skin is very sensitive in that area, so dab in rather than rub.

What’s inside?

  • Damask Rose Flower Water
  • Vegan Collagen
  • HydraRose – a proprietary infusion of three different types of roses that works against inflammation and irritation

Moving on to our hands now, I often find I forget to give my hands the same TLC as the rest of me, and my nail technician tells me off constantly, especially in Winter. Never Go Alone sent me their Renew Hand cream which will come in handy in my bag. The Renew Hand cream will on top of keeping your hands smooth and hydrated also reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier which in turn reverses the signs of ageing. To all my fellow gel nail gals out there, this is important. Those lights are damaging the skin.

never go alone hand cream

The fragrance is absolutely stunning with notes of Sandalwood, cardamom, lavender and cedar the latter known to reduce anxiety. A nice treatment would be to apply the hand cream, cup your hands over your nose and take deep breaths, allowing you to ground yourself and feel calm.

Moving yet another step further down on our bodies I have received two products from WooWoo, this is a great company for everything we women need for our bodies from skincare to pleasure. Desperately trying to keep that summer glow alive the Goddess Glow Natural Body Cream will help me with just that but also help with firmness, hydration, elasticity and improved skin tone. It’s a perfect subtle glow so I can see this working all year around as it simply but perfectly leaves your skin looking healthy.

woowoo lightening

The next product is one that I am intrigued to see what wonders it will bring, ever since my hormones started revolting against my skin it has started changing colours in some areas; hyperpigmentation. But also where my bra underwire sits there is now a permanent line, a heads up to all praying for bigger boobs, it’s not all fun and games.

WooWoo Lightening Cream is here to help, with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera amongst other ingredients will support any part of my body in need of aid. Plant-based and gentle on your skin means you can use it even on the most sensitive areas of your body if you know what I mean. For best results use twice a day just remember that those areas treated will need some extra SPF TLC afterwards.

The darker season of Winter is upon us it is so important to take extra care of ourselves and set aside time to truly pamper from top to toe, inside and out. Hopefully, you will feel inspired by this bundle and treat yourself.

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