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Dressing for the Gym

by Lis-Marie Liden

I hit the gym a minimum of three times a week and I have been active like this for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried everything from golf to boxing, the latter being a passion for me, mostly sparring of course. One thing that I pay attention to as a stylist and a gym goer is how you dress for the gym. I’m not talking about going in there with the fanciest or most expensive gear and clothes. But I always make sure I dress the part for the support and comfort you need when exercising. It is key in pretty much everything. If you have to secure straps or pull up your tights all the time it’s going to affect pretty much the entire workout.

The fabric needs to breathe. This is why they don’t normally recommend a plain cotton mix top for instance. Depending on what activity you’re doing the trousers need to be fitted differently. I couldn’t see myself wearing something hip-hop style and baggy when I’m using the skipping rope as that would disrupt my movement massively. If I were boxing, I wouldn’t wear a Yoga loose top, as that again would be very restricting. So think about it, are you wearing the right outfit?One thing that really puzzles me is when I see women wearing a normal lingerie bra when they’re working out. There are some women who go to the gym to socialize and well, don’t really push it to break that sweat, and then a normal bra is fine I guess. But if you’re going there to really feel the burn, to really work out, you’ll need a proper sports bra. It is crucial for comfort but most importantly support, because believe it or not a normal bra is not made for that sort of activity. And with all these different types to choose from it shouldn’t be hard to find the one for you. You have padded ones with wide supporting straps for that heavy duty, but also more petite straps with nice detailing and a more feminine look for that Yoga session.

I have also on occasion noticed that some women like short shorts, to each their own, but when you’re then running on a treadmill and these short shorts get shorter and shorter, maybe they’re not made for that activity and you’ll actually lose out on a great workout. There are some really nice tighter fitting shorts that would be great for you and still sexy.

So I just want to say that if you’re like me and really love the benefits of the gym, make sure you’re not restricted and let down by what you’re wearing. It’ll make you miss out on the burn.


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