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Our Partner Eluxe Magazine launches Eco Home Magazine

by Eluxe Magazine

Since our media partner Eluxe Magazine launched in 2013, it has continued to evolve. They launched the Eluxe Awards in 2016, which we are proud sponsors of, but there is a new member of the Eluxe family: Eco Home Magazine.

Although we as a collective adore sustainable fashion and organic beauty, this project will focus more on the home. Think sustainable interiors, eco-architecture, ethical pet ownership, gardening and more. And the reason for the launch? Well, since the pandemic, it became evident that more people were more focused on staying home. We’re all working more often from home offices, and we’re taking more ‘staycations’. So what better time to launch a magazine that’s focused on making your home the best it can be?

Eco Home

The Aesthetic of Eco Home

We all have different tastes. That’s true whether we’re talking fashion, beauty, or home decor. And that’s why Eco Home Magazine will be featuring loads of different styles of interiors and architectural concepts.

From baroque maximalism, bursting with colour, to subtle minimalism in neutral hues, we will offer something to inspire everyone. The common thread? Sustainability, of course!

Top Talent at Eco Home

Eco Home Magazine will highlight loads of the world’s best eco-friendly interior, furniture and home accessories designers. You’ll be able to read about their best tips, see their work, and see the innovative materials they’re using. Some of this content will also be available on Bespoke Black Book as part of our ongoing partnership.

Eco Home will also be showing you the work of some of the most talented architects on the planet, highlighting their sustainable projects. Whether they’re high-rise towers featuring green roofs and balconies, or tiny homes, encouraging us to lower our carbon footprint, you’re sure to find something to inspire you.

WM BiophilicDesign 84

Eco Home Magazine will provide tons of ideas on how to ‘greenify’ your home, whether it’s a multi-bedroom manor or a studio apartment.

Eco Home will also tell you how you can grow your own organic food, and share gardening tips to ensure your outdoor areas are as planet-friendly as your interiors. Additionally, Eco Home will publish information on how to clean your home using natural products and share facts about why most household furnishings, cleaners, and paints can be bad for your health.

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Eco Home Magazine will also offer DIY tips on everything from how to upcycle furniture, to how to make your own toys for your pets. And speaking of pets, that area will be covered too, after all, our furry friends have a carbon footprint. So, if you want to know where to buy the best organic pet foods, pet beds and toys, or even want to learn how to take care of your pets’ health naturally, this is the site for you.

Finally, Eco Home Magazine will have an associated online shop – Eluxe Exclusives. Here you will find homewear that helps women in need. Specifically, Eco Home is working in conjunction with the Peruvian NGO AMA to give female artisans in the Peruvian Andes 50% of all the profits made from each sale. The shop will feature woven carpets coloured with vegetable, seed and flower dyes; baby alpaca throws, shawls and ponchos; handwoven pillowcases, and much more.


So check out Eco Home Magazine, it’s live now, so come pay them a visit! You can also follow them on Instagram.


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