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5 Tantalizing Luxury Fragrances

by Lis-Marie Liden

I believe that as much as we can work on the all-over interior design of our spaces we also have to think about the way it smells. This might seem like a sure thing, but think about it. For instance, if I walk into a shop and it smells like nothing, I don’t necessarily mind but if I go into a shop and they have a subtle but thought-through fragrance, I am more likely to stay a bit longer and truly enjoy being in there, and the opposite if it smells bad.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

If your home smells like a collection of your weeks’ activities and the meals in between then I really think it is time you focus on changing that. I have had the absolute pleasure of trialling out some products that will surely inspire you either to treat yourself or gifting to someone else.

Kinds of Home Fragrances

I don’t have a preference between diffusers, room sprays or candles. I love and want them all, but I think this has to do with what you want out of it.

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A room spray for instance will give an instant fragrance around the room, but not necessarily stay lingering as long, so you would have to spray again in a while. A candle will give out a fragrance for the time it is burning and you’ll have a lovely ambient light of course. A room diffuser will give out fragrance for as long as it has product inside it. So you see it all depends on what you need the room fragrance to do for you.

Athletia Room Spray

I find a room spray is brilliant for when I come home and need to freshen up my humble space, Athletia sent me their Switching Aroma Room Mist in the scent of Sacred Tree, it truly has that perfect fresh dewy forest smell. So refreshing and also so uplifting. Not overpowering and is long-lasting for a spray. Imagine the smell of a forest just after the rain has settled, that’s what it smells like.

Athletia Room Spray

I can easily see how this will benefit my mindfulness moments as well as just to wind down after a long day. I find myself spritzing it around all the while doing a less-than-perfect pirouette to allow the mist to spread evenly around the room. The fragrance is a harmonious mix of florals, citruses and fruits and of course the woody notes. It’s perfectly refreshing.

Ralphs Orchard Candles

If you want the fragrance alongside the ambiance of a flickering flame then of course a nice scented candle is more for you. I cannot stress enough the importance of a good quality candle. It makes such a difference when it comes to the longevity of the fragrance.

Ralphs Orchard sent me two of their candles, two different but equally nice candles. My favourite one came in a lush black tin container in their fragrance Zen. This looked amazing on my bedside table and also as stated in the name did give me that feeling of Zen. With a fragrance of Cassis, Rose and green tea you can easily drift away.

blacktin zen

Ralphs Orchard has so many products perfect for gifting but not only can you find lovely candles the ethos behind this brand is amazing. Natural clean burnable and biodegradable, cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable. They help to offset their carbon footprint by planting a tree for every order placed and they repurpose vessels like teacups or glasses to create unique candles for your home.

 Aery Living Gift Set Candles from Arighi Bianchi

Aery Living has the perfect gift set of three aromatherapy candles called Happy Space, which support your mind, body and soul. 100% plant-based wax and both vegan and cruelty-free.

Inside this box you’ll find three minimalistic candles all hitting the spot but all in their own way. And of a whole 15-hour burn time.

happiness scented candles

– Happy Space: Rose, Amber and Geranium fragrance, might be my favourite if I had to pick.

– Positive Energy: Pink Grapefruit, Vetiver and Mint.

– Good Vibes:  gives you Rhubarb, Vanilla and Ginger.

You see, something for everyone. Aery Living believe that a good fragrance can support your overall well-being, I agree. You might think it’s a small thing but the space we are in when we want to relax and re-centre is what we make it, to have a nice fragrance in this space truly helps. Aery also plants a tree for every purchase, how lovely it is to be able to help in this kind of way.

Shifa Aromas Kashgar Luxury Candle

This candle was inspired by the famous traders’ destination Kashgar where you would see exchanges of teas, herbs, flowers and spices. The candle is wrapped in a lovely silk pouch when you open the box, making it feel even more luxurious. The candle is presented in a matt black glass jar, simple and chic. But I think what I admired the most was the decorative botanicals on the top, delicate Bamboo Leaf and Vanilla powder dust. It looks absolutely amazing on the shelf.

Shifa Candle

It has a powerful but not overpowering fragrance, one that lingers just right in your space. Black pepper and Bergamot, Basil and Lavender followed by Patchouli, Cedarwood, moss and Vetiver. A dream mix if you ask me, and you can enjoy this candle for 45 hours, close your eyes and you might just find yourself amidst the traders on the Silk Route.

Fanfare by Thameen London

Now this is not a room fragrance, but I believe your personal fragrance is still part of building that ambiance. I adore fragrances, and no outfit or day is complete without them. But also, our body is our temple is it not? Which is just another kind of room, right?

A fragrance speaks just as much as your clothes if not more. It lingers when you leave the room and latches on to people’s minds and builds core memories, so in a way, it also supports that ambiance.

Fanfare Bottle with Outer Box

Thameen London has created a Cologne Elixir inspired by the flower market at Covent Garden called Fanfare.

– Base notes: Bergamot, Lemon and Neroli.

– Heart notes: Rosemary, Vermouth and Juniper berry.

– Top notes: Musk, Patchouli and Vetiver.

I find it a mysterious fragrance, powerful but not overpowering. Fresh yet dark at the same time. When it arrived I was mesmerised by the presentation. A lovely box making you excited to see what was inside. A matt glass square bottle with a magnetic cap. It felt luxurious from opening the bottle to spritzing it on.

Fanfare is part of the Britologne collection, a clever word combination I’m sure you agree, reimagining the structure of the classic cologne.

So whether it’s for your room or your body, a friend or yourself, room fragrances, candles or luxury fragrances are perfect for setting the tone. Also, all these products are made here in the UK and are carefully sourced and created with care not only for you but for our planet.


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