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Spotlight on Brook & Wilde’s Marlowe Goose Down Pillow

by Chris Cox

One of the perks of my job touring around the world is getting to spotlight some of the best hotels in the world which means getting some of the best night’s sleep possible. So every time I return home, no matter how much I love my bed, it’s never quite the same as being in a luxury 5-star hotel.

Spotlight on the best pillow ever?

However I’ve found a secret to getting that uber-luxe high-end hotel sleep experience at home, and it’s the pillow. Specifically the Brook & Wilde Marlowe Goose Down Pillow. This magical pillow has 3 chambers for added comfort and support with 100% down-proof 380 thread count Egyptian cotton pillow is full of nothing but new white European goose feathers in the inner chambers and 90% new white Masurian goose down in the outer chambers.

The mix of goose and duck down feathers is eco-friendly and Downpass certified which means it was made alongside strict animal welfare control. I’ll be honest, very little of that means anything to me, but what does mean something is quite how incredibly comfy, fluffy, supportive and cliche-ridden cloud like this pillow is.

Available in medium and firm choices we went for the medium which gives an incredible amount of support whilst still being as marshmallow soft. It comes neatly packaged in a classy box and is just a luxury which deserves its time in the spotlight. The type of pillow which means you can’t wait to get into bed at the end of the day. Sinking onto it lets the cares of the day sink away, it’s soothing, and supportive and oozes luxury.

As a side sleeper, I found myself waking up in the morning without the usual crick in the neck, I also found that I would wake less often during the night which I think is because it stopped me from moving around so much. With an occasional shake every couple of weeks the feathers stay in place but you never feel them poking out and stabbing you like a lesser pillow.

You can also wash it at 60 Degrees without it being ruined meaning this is going to be a pillow which lasts a long, long time. The sticking point is the price at £229, it is far from cheap, but still less expensive than one night at a fancy, spotlight worthy hotel and this will give you years of fancy hotel-style snoozes. As the saying goes, never scrimp on anything which separates you from the ground so shoes and sleeping.

If you think about how long you spend asleep then on a per sleep basis this is incredible value for one of the best sleep you will ever have. The only downside is I now want a Brook & Wilde mattress, duvet, bed, well a Brook & Wilde everything!
The Marlowe Goose Down Pillow3

As I started writing this, I was mainly thinking, how the hell do you write a review for a pillow? In essence, all this can be boiled down to this simple statement, this is a (insert your swear word here) amazing pillow! So splurge and sleep like you’ve never slept before. Sweet dreams are pretty much guaranteed.

Purchase online at www.brookandwilde.com


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