Festival Faves

by Christina Mitsi

The weather might not always be ideal but there is nothing like the pure fun of a festival. Summer is here and festival season is in full swing, whether you’re in the UK or abroad there is no shortage of wild weekends, quirky family days and week long events packed with music, artistry, performance and all around good vibes! To help you enjoy whatever festival you’re into, I’ve selected some of my favourite products that I would describe as festival essentials.

I’m going to start with an item that will most certainly make you stand out in the crowd, the handbag of dreams from Vendula. An innovative vegan brand whose quirky, original designs are right up my street. Their recent collaboration with the band Queen has resulted in a selection of bags and accessories that will be the envy of the crowd at any festival. I have their Brian May Red Special Guitar Bag and it quite literally turns heads wherever I wear it. Inspired by Brian’s actual guitar, the strings are made of moving chains and the strap is the guitar’s handle, so cleverly designed and effective it’s any rock lover’s ideal bag.

If a handbag isn’t practical enough for you at a festival then how about a bum bag full of accessories? Skin in Motion have a clear bright pink bag with a waterproof mascara (essential for the inevitable tears as your favourite artist comes out on stage!) an SPF lip balm and a wonderfully refreshing cooling mist. Just pop your phone, debit card, hand sanitizer and emergency loo roll in there and you’re good to go.

Skin in Motion

While we’re on accessories I need to talk about hair. If you watch Fleabag you know that ‘Hair is everything’ so it’s important it’s styled/controlled and looking fabulous throughout your time in the fields. If you want a different colour on your hair for a festival without the commitment of a permanent colour then the Jerome Russel Blonde collection is ideal. Add a perfect pink tone to your pre-lightened or blonde base with this post blonding toner. This professional semi-permanent hair toner is formulated to tone and colour blonde hair to achieve a blush pink finish. Containing no ammonia, the dye will get rid of any brassy, yellow pigments to give you fresh bright, bold results for up to 16 washes.

To keep your hair in place whilst you dance like a lunatic all day you’re going to need some top notch bobbles and clips so I recommend Only Curls Hair accessories. These Colour Splash crocodile clips are perfect for clipping curls in place, slicking back a high ponytail or for fixing a curly updo. These smooth acetate clips slide in and out of your hair without getting tangled and will stay put once clipped in place as I found out when I wore them recently. As someone with thick, coarse hair, let’s just say they won’t let you down. However my favourite product from Only Curls are their silk scrunchies, something I never knew I needed until I started using them and now you won’t catch me without one on my wrist if my hair is down! The smooth 100% silk fabric helps reduce tangles, breakage and frizz and they come in an array of colours that look lovely in your hair.

Only Curls Clips
SOS Lip 10ml
Jojoba Glow


Even if the sun isn’t out it’s not only important to be protected from UV rays but also to appear to have that sunkissed glow. For lips that need moisture after belting out every single word of Mr Brightside at 3am, treat them to SOS Lip, a deeply nourishing and mattifying lip balm with broad spectrum SPF 30, that helps to moisturise and protect lips against the harsh effects of the cold, wind and sun. It also improves the application of lipsticks and prevents the absorption of the colour pigments from the lipstick into the lips so your favourite lipstick will last all day day long. For that sunkissed glow I highly recommend Jojoba Glow a luxurious Australian Jojoba based moisturiser with illuminating mica for face and body which instantly hydrates while adding a subtle glow to the skin. Enriched with a combination of antioxidant rich jasmine and mandarin essential oils, your skin will be left feeling smooth with a youthful, radiant and luminous appearance. This also smells absolutely amazing so you’ll be a welcome whiff after emerging from a moshpit.

ProQ BBQ Travel 4 in 1 Multi Tool LS1

Now that we’ve got the look down to a T it’s time to be a little more practical. I used to be a chef so I know all to well that you need the right tools when it comes to cooking. If you’re at a festival you’re most likely to be camping and if you’re camping then there’s nothing like a good BBQ. ProQ’s 4-in-1 Multi Tool from Sous Chef is a game changer when it comes to outdoor cooking. A BBQ spatula, grill fork, tongs and bottle opener in one, this is the ultimate accessory for any festival or remote BBQ. Best of all it is compact and light so it barely takes up any room yet has so many uses. It’s one of those things that you are so impressed with you tell everyone about and it would make a really good gift for the avid camper.

Another fantastic tool for the avid traveller is the Power Brick Portable Battery Pack from RUGD. Not just your average battery pack for your phone, this beast can charge the latest iphone or android to 50% in only 30 minutes and weighs only 280 grams. With a handy clip to hang in your tent it also has a super powerful light built in with 16 LEDs at 1300 lumens and 2 Brightness Modes, one of them being an automatic SOS signal should you find yourself in danger. The reviews on this product speak for itself, with everyone from photographers, fishermen, and content creators raving about its powerful charging and long lasting battery. It will be packed in my bag everywhere I go!

Holly Gras Vodka

Finally if you think I’m heading to a festival without alcohol you don’t know me well at all so I have to mention Dunnet Bay Distillers who’ve created a can perfect for stashing down your trouser leg or under a bowler hat. Or is that just me? Their Holy Grass Vodka & Apple Tonic has been blended with their bespoke refreshing, light and crisp Apple Tonic to create a delicious and refreshing tipple. I love that the recyclable can is labelled with uncoated, matt, smooth woodfree printing paper and the label’s ‘face-stock’ is made with 5% apple residue from apple juice production and 95% FSC® certified pulp. Each bottle of Dunnet Bay Vodka is hand-filled, individually wax-sealed, batch numbered and hand-signed before it leaves the distillery. Great care is taken throughout the whole process to ensure that only the very best quality products will leave the distillery and the family puts sustainability at the heart of their business. Sustainable vodka in a can, what’s not to love?

All you need now is a good pair of wellies, a pack of wet wipes and a tent that won’t blow over in the night and you’re ready for the fields!

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