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by Lis-Marie Liden

For the first time in many years I have been looking forward to colder weather, and the reason isn’t that I like the cold, oh my goodness no! I am from the northern parts of Sweden and have seen my fair share of cold winters, the reason I was so excited was because of the beautiful pieces I received from Antonia at Lacorine.

Lacorine offers beautiful Alpaca designs in the shape of apparel and accessories. The Alpaca is a gentle animal with one of the softest fleece fur you can find. They live high up in the Peruvian Andes so they need good insulating fur and this is exactly what they have protecting them from the harsh weather. When it comes to using Alpaca in apparel it’s known to be very durable and strong, not bobbling through wear. Alpaca is also hypoallergenic and lanolin free so it’s great for those with sensitive skin, it will keep you chic and warm without the itchiness of wool.Antonia designs everything herself and has skilled artisans from Peru make the pieces by hand. The beauty behind the creations is that the skills these artisans have are passed down through generations. And I believe that this means a lot to Antonia who herself is from Peru.

Lacorine are members of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers, and this ensures also that the Alpaca fur is sourced without harming the animals. In fact the fur that Lacorine uses come from animals that have died naturally from old age.

So, I was lucky enough to receive two wonderful pieces from Lacorine, the first one is the oh so soft and Luxurious Alpaca Fur Headband in a soft Grey colour. I am completely new to Alpaca fur and was not at all prepared for how soft it actually is! This headband is more than just that, obviously a chic way to keep warm in windy harsh London but it can also be used as a fur collar which I found amazing and meant I can use it so much more often, and this colour goes with so many things.The second piece now added to my precious closet is the Valentina Alpaca Poncho in Black and White with White Jaqard details, and again this is such a versatile item and something you can easily cross over seasons. If it’s very cold it can be worn on top of your jacket or coat to layer up and also add a great cover for your neck. The collar is made in a way where it is more like a long snood that can even be worn as a hood. But, as a stylist, the first look that came to my mind when I see this garment is a pair skinny jeans or slim trousers with a nice knee boot and a nice knitted sweater underneath. Personally I think I’ll wear this the most through the spring/summer evenings when it’s too hot for a jacket but too cold without any type of cover up, sure you could wear a cardigan, but this will look so much nicer. This poncho is very soft but still keeps it’s shape nicely and it’s made from 100% baby Alpaca wool.

Lacorine has been worn by Louise Thompson in Made in Chelsea, in the shape of the Valentina Poncho, and by The Duchess of Cambridge who was seen wearing the Sumac Alpaca Hat and thanks to Antonia you will now spot StyleLis wearing her pieces too.

You definitely need to go have a look at all of the beautiful items online at lacorine.co.uk.


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