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London Steakhouse Co., City of London


Set in down a modest street between the funny-named glass towers that loom over the City of London, you will find the London Steakhouse Co. which will hands down, offer you the most friendly and attentive service around.  The food is a must go to for the carnivores amongst you.  An atmospheric setting awaits and similar to other Marco Pierre White’s restaurants I have visited, lighting is almost considered surplus to requirements.  Providing an intimate setting and focus on your dining partners and of course the food. An almost German beer hall feel, emanating from the high street level windows above.

Making ourselves comfortable in our thrones for the evening and contemplating the large A3 sized menu over a Negroni or two we had before (not) too long decided on a feast that would keep us going at least until breakfast.

One of the first things I noticed at this (m)eatery was the unassuming steak knives, and upon reflection this is a very good sign in such an establishment.  Sure it is fun to marvel at the size of some, and boast that the T-Rex’s teeth were this huge, but that dinosaur gent was not going to be waiting for three weeks for his haunch to be hung and tenderised. My upcoming rib eye, and my eye was perfectly happy seeing butter knife equivalence. The way it cut through the steak it would have made butter tremble, or melt.

London Steakhouse Co., City of London
London Steakhouse Co., City of London steak

Before I get carried away however… first, the starters. Feeling brave, and not usually comfortable with fruit in a savoury course I went for a delicious fillet of mackerel with horseradish and apple.  The horseradish complimented the mackerel beautifully whilst the apple cut through the initial kick of the horseradish and marine flavours to deliver a uniquely satisfying starter. I like to ‘surf’ then ‘turf’.

Next up, main course.  Steak a la Greed, 14oz rib-eye steak, juicy and rare with cabbage and pancetta, onion rings, two fried eggs and a healthy boat of béarnaise sauce.  Looking like a formidable challenge, it was soon consumed and gratefully washed down with a wonderful full bodied red expertly paired by the waiting team that really knew their brief and were more than happy to impart their wisdom as to why the wine they chose was such a great choice.

It may have been cheeky but I felt it my prerogative to be allowed to sample my wife’s choices when they arrived.  It was only fair after offering her an invitation and I am sure the kitchen staff would have loved me to sample the full scope of their delights on offer.  I was not disappointed.  Trying her potted duck starter, my appetite was further whetted.  God knows what hers was like after a full course of it and going on to the prime fillet was a sensational choice for the main course.

Remarkably, after such a banquet we still had it in us, or the space rather, to have an attempt at the puddings.  As I had quite a helping of sweet in my starter, I gave the cheese board an attempt that was enthusiastically finished. Again, I still felt within my rights to try my neighbour’s Pecan Pie.  Finished off perfectly with an Irish Coffee neither of us left feeling as stuffed as we expected.  More warm, glowing and content with the rich offerings life sends our way from time to time.  London Steakhouse Co. really pulled all the stops out for us and is firmly a favourite to which we will return.  What a privilege it was to venture down and to recommend to you!

London Steakhouse Co.,
109-117 Middlesex Street,
London E1 7JF
United Kingdom

London Steakhouse Co., City of London dessert


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