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Microblading at Tracie Giles

by Hayley Sparkes

As a professional make-up artist I am regularly helping women redefine their eyebrows with make-up. As we age our eyebrows tend to become more sparse and fade into the background, but they are really important as they frame the face and bring out the eyes. I am a girl who went to school in the nineties so sadly I was part of the pencil thin eyebrow generation, we plucked ours away into a thin line, as it was all the rage at the time. My poor brows have never fully recovered so I have spent the last ten years or more pencilling them back in every day. This can feel like a bit of a daily chore. I do not feel confident without make-up and I hate having to remove them everyday when I cleanse my face, only to have to reapply them again the next day!You can imagine my delight when I recently discovered a new technique to help me with my missing brow hairs was available at luxury salon Tracie Giles in Knightsbridge.

Microblading also known as ‘eyebrow embroidery’ is one of the latest forms of semi-permanent make-up, that brings brows back to life by applying natural looking hair strokes with a state of the art form of tattoo machine.

Microblading uses a fine scalpel-type blade to apply ink rather than a traditional needle, allowing the practitioner to create a natural looking brow with short, ultra-fine micro lines that look like individual hairs. The blade means the colour is implanted closer to the surface of the skin, meaning the strokes are crisp and fine. The fine lines can be applied in the same direction of hair growth, resulting in an appearance that’s as close to a natural brow as it gets.

Microblading is suitable for anyone who wants to enhance or reconstruct their brows. People like me who plucked their brows away in the 90’s, people who have lost their brows through Chemotherapy, trichotillomania or alopecia or simply those looking for a bolder shape.I would not describe the treatment as painful, anaesthetic cream is applied throughout the procedure to numb the area so you just feel a slight scraping sensation.

After the first treatment you will need a second 6 weeks later to review the result and fill in any areas that need it. The brow will fade naturally over 12-18 months as the skin rejuvenates, at which time you need to top up the treatment to retain the shape and colour.

My experienced therapist at Tracie Giles spent a long time prior to the treatment redrawing the shape of my brows, this was no easy task as they had little symmetry and no real arch. Once I was happy with the shape, she went to work filling in the missing hairs with her machine. The entire treatment took just over an hour and I was delighted to look in the mirror afterwards and instantly see the eyebrows of my dreams staring back at me.Following my first treatment I can honestly say it feels like a life changing. The new professional shape of my brows have given my face a new lease of life, and seeing my brows constantly on my face all day and night with no need to take them on and off is a revolution. I save time in the morning without now having the need to fill them in and recreate their shape.

This is a treatment I will keep up for the rest of my life, I only wish I had done it sooner.

With any procedure of this nature there is a mild risk of infection or skin irritation so I highly recommend visiting Tracie Giles Salon as they are leaders in the semi-permanent industry and you really are in safe hands.

Tracie’s chic boutique salon in Knightsbridge is the destination of choice for celebrities, and as well as the Microblading treatment they offer a full range of other spa and semi-permanent make-up treatments.

For more information visit on Tracie Giles please see online.

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