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Tresor Paris has something for everyone – edgy rocker, classic chic or adventurous. So I’m going to show you four new stunning collections from Tresor Paris that will dazzle you.

I am definitely a Bellatrix girl. It’s sophisticated and chic, glamorous and vintage inspired. The new Bellatrix Bourgogne Collections does not disappoint. My first thought was that the shape intrigued me, sort of a blend of a seashell and a flower. All with beautiful crystals on 18ct white gold-plated sterling silver twinkling beautifully, the range includes stunning ring, matching earrings or, my favourite, the necklace. These options are available in each of the new collections.

However, when you see the Cygnys Rosace collection, that’s where the true flower is. A delicate piece with a stunning pearl topping it off, these floral creations are made from the same 18ct white gold-plated sterling silver and a touch of titanium and shining crystals. It’s probably the perfect piece for the classic romantic.

Hitting an edgier note but still classic feminine, the Foliole collection has a pop of stunning warm yellow tones and with black and white enamel touches, surrounded with crystals bringing the bling back. Definitely a statement piece.

Finally, I came across one collection that’s just amazingly vintage, everything from the heart shape to the swirling details. This is the Je T’aime Etat D’ame collection, even the name is just beautiful and fitting. Here you have a choice of a simple but stunning white gold-plated sterling silver or going that step extra with a rose gold plated version. This is a tricky one because both ways are equally beautiful and the crystals make their appearance here as well, which creates a nice balance of simple and intriguing.

One thing I really like about Tresor Paris is that their pieces are affordable luxuries, but they are still pieces that you can hand down to future generations and treasure as you should. I think there’s a true treasure for everyone at Tresor Paris.



  • Lis-Marie Liden

    Lis-Marie is a licensed Image Consultant with a keen eye on trends and up and coming brands. She will tell you how it is within fashion, styling, trends and “how to’s”, it might not always be sugar coated, but then what’s the fun in that. When Lis-Marie isn’t busy taking photos of whatever catches her eye she does her best to stay in shape by punching it out in the gym.

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