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Though hairdressers are challenging at the best of times, it bodes well to know that one salon has a stellar reputation for delivering expectations, every time. Every single Trevor Sorbie stylist is personally tested and approved by Trevor himself (who has an MBE from the Queen for his hairdressing services, no less), which essentially guarantees your haircut will be fantastic. Trevor Sorbie in London, is the flagship salon of the brand since 1979. Tucked away behind the bustling streets of Covent Garden, down a little alley-way entitled, lovingly, ‘Floral Street’, this salon is a blissful retreat from the stresses of the city. This is the only Trevor Sorbie in central London, though, as the other two branches are in Hampstead, and Brighton.

Trevor Sorbie’s hairdresser journey began over 50 years ago in Paisley, Scotland, where he changed gears from being a high school dropout to working in a barber shop in lford, that was run by his father. After training with Vidal Sassoon, he opened his own salon in London’s Covent Garden – the flagship store – back in the 70s, before launching his own range of products. Since then, Sorbie has soared to seemingly endless heights with celebrity accolades and an international art team that travel the world styling the world’s most discerning customers. Amongst his countless awards, Trevor has won the BHA British Hairdresser of the Year a record four times, and was awarded an M.B.E. at Buckingham Palace in 2004 for services to hairdressing.

Upon entry, the minimalist, white interiors, inspirational quotes by Trevor Sorbie himself, including the resonant, ‘be bold, be different, but always do everything in good taste’, are both soothing and rejuvenating. The bowls of fruit, drinks, teas and coffee create a chill-out ambience whilst you wait, and the staff are as warm and friendly as if you were home. A perfect way to unwind on my lunch-break.

My Sorbie creative stylist was a lovely, friendly Caroline, who immediately identified the weaknesses in my hair yet pointed them out in such a way as to highlight its strengths. The consultation left me feeling positive, and not deflated, and hopeful for a fresh cut that would rectify the city damage that is a perennial problem for me. Noting that I wanted a natural, volumous look with a minimal trim on the ends, she recommended a slightly blunter cut than I would normally go for to add volume, and light waves to add bounce.


Everything throughout the cut was a relaxing and soothing experience: from the delightful head massage during the hair washing process, to the immaculate, attentive, cut itself, and blowdry finish. Caroline was engaging yet not intrusive, recommending hair care to me as she went and identifying what I would do well to showcase in my image, and what I would benefit with extra care on.

Product wise, I was grateful for Caroline keeping it light and not adding too many heavy conditioners and hairsprays, which only weigh down the hair upon exiting the salon and leave a deflated, tired look. Rather, she blow dried my hair lightly and finished with curling tongs to add some light volume, and sprayed a touch of Redken’s ‘Wind Blown 05 Finishing Spray’ which was a volumizing & texturizing dry finishing hair spray that added a windswept effect and smelt delicious. With a new, thicker cut, bouncy waves and a windswept finish, my hair, had transmuted from limp, flat tails into a wonderfully volumous and healthy mane.

After a chat with Caroline, gushing of gratitude, and big hug to say goodbye, I left the salon rejuvenated, relaxed and happy. And all in less than 90 minutes. The perfect lunch break: recommended!

Prices start from £60 for a stylist, and £75 for a creative stylist. Standby appointments are excellent value, starting with £50 for a cut and blow dry. As a regular customer, complimentary fringe trims and consultations are included as well as the option of special occasion hair consultations and other generally bespoke TLC.

Appointments for Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden can be booked online or by phone on 020 7379 6901.


  • Katarina Polonsky

    Katarina resides in London, after completing a Masters in Gender & Equality Studies at University of Oxford where she was also acting Head of PR at the University’s Wine Society. Prior to Oxford, she enjoyed a globe-trotting career in the premium champagne industry. Passionate about making the finer things of life accessible to all whilst appreciating it along the way.

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