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Glamorous Summer Beauty, Part One

by Lis-Marie Liden

It has been a while but I’m back to tell you about some amazing products to help keep your hair and body feeling as glamorous and as good as possible this summer.

Let’s start with the hair, this is a journey some of you have followed me on for a while and you know that I have very fine thin hair that needs as much love and care as it can get. I am always on the lookout for a product that will help me so I was more than happy to jump on the Cleanse and Treat duo from Neäl & Wolf.

Stunning packaging to start with, a dark plum shampoo bottle and a cream white conditioner bottle with a pump to help give you the perfect amount. The fragrance is soft and lovely without being overpowering, I feel like a little goes a long way which is always good.  

The Shampoo leaves my hair feeling shiny and light, and the conditioner helps detangle my fine locks. I leave the conditioner in for just a bit to allow it to work its magic, I often find myself having to battle a knot or two when brushing through after washing my hair but I can honestly say this is not the case anymore.,

The next step is important, heat protector. The Guard Heat Protector smells just as lovely as the shampoo and conditioner and the fragrance stays which I love. An even spritz and you’re good to go with whatever styling tool you are using, it will protect your hair with a silk protein complex that forms a film around your hair keeping moisture in and it will protect your hair up to 220C.

To then lock in the hairstyle I used the Fix Hold and Shine hairspray. Important to note here is to not spray too close to your hair. It also has that lovely fragrance all the while adding a gorgeous shine and keeping that hairstyle solid.

Talking about hair, I also received the Glamoriser Lightspeed Dryer, and let me tell you it truly is lightspeed! It might help that I don’t have lush thick hair but my entire hair is dry within no more than five minutes. The 100,000 RPM LightSpeed Energy Motor weighs less than one-quarter of the weight of a typical professional dryer which means its ultra-fast drying but with significantly less motor noise.

Also, the digitally controlled brushless DC motor uses less energy and can last 10x longer than normal hairdryers. It comes in a nice travelling and storage case with three attachments, two different-sized nozzles and one diffuser all attached by a magnet, so easy. It has digital controls helping you choose between the three heat settings and three different speeds. It helps reduce frizziness and static hair moments which is perfect for my fine blonde hair.

Also, let’s not forget that three-meter-long cord giving me the reach I need and the UK/EU plug adaptor for travel. I am so pleased with this hairdryer and recommend it. I am not sure how I coped without it.

Glamorous scents to elevate your summer glow-up

If you know me you know how much I also love to try new fragrances, Hoohaa is the place to go if you want to try fragrances out and be adventurous. They offer a subscription service which will help you experience new kinds of fragrance journeys. Their fragrances are globally sourced luxury scents, you have three categories if you will, “Easy does it” for the one who’s just getting started. Easily wearable but fun. “Buckle up” for the one who is up to try something new and exciting.

Last but not least, you have “ Take Me To mars” slightly stronger and more challenging but my favourite choice. The choices within these categories change regularly to keep it interesting especially when you subscribe for s longer time. I received Celadon with spicy and playful notes very easy to wear for both day and night, and then there was Spring rain, not too strong and beautifully fresh.

I liked wearing it on days off when I just wanted to feel fresh and enjoy this woody, floral and fresh fragrance. For a softer fragrance with a fruity and tobacco-styled fragrance without the heaviness Montabaco Verano is perfect, this one works equally well for that date night with its sensual notes.

OK, so I’m going to tread into a territory that I haven’t touched before, well in writing. And will kindly ask one of my regular readers, my brother, to stop reading now, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Luviss so kindly sent me their Personal Moisturiser. It is a water-based lubricant that I have had the ultimate pleasure of trying. It comes in a stunning discreet bottle, that can easily be kept on the shelf next to your other products and no one, not even brothers would be the wiser.

It’s a blend of camomile, green tea and aloe vera that will help nourish and hydrate “down under” and it’s all body-safe with natural ingredients. It’s long-lasting and non-sticky so I give it a ten out of ten and I think my beau did too. Luviss is a female-founded company that aims to create a luxurious intimate product that is subtle and natural. I’d say they have succeeded.

I think I have covered some good areas in this bundle and look forward to healthy hair, smelling good and feeling good this summer.


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