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by Lis-Marie Liden

I’m not sure you’re ready to hear this, but I have to say it regardless. Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get on the journey of shopping for gifts. But fear not as I have one of the most perfect gift ideas for you, it’s different, it’s something that can be made so personal and it’s stunning!

I have been introduced to the amazing MyriamSOS creations by Myriam Soseilos and I think you’re going to like them just as much as I do. You see I wear simple outfits, boring to some even, but I put value in my way of accessorising and the impact that has. I am always looking for something new and interesting as well as something that has that chicness to it so it can last through the times.

MyriamSOS just recently launched in the UK and has already become quite a name to remember with her amazing pieces. I have decided to tell you about one of her collections, my favourite, but also the one that she has been awarded with the Designer of the Year 2013 at Treasure for.

It’s perfectly named Transformers collection, this because of the creative way you can transform them into different pieces. This is a very limited edition made for the modern on-the-go woman in need of simple, elegant and in this very case flexible jewellery.

The Transformers collection is magical! Basically you can turn a couple of earrings into a ring, a ring into a bracelet even create different looks with the same ring, but it doesn’t end there, you can also alter the colour. What more is needed, you’re rushing to a meeting, a date or an event and you sort of feel on the way that you know maybe I should’ve gone for a statement ring rather than these stunning earrings, transform them.

For example the in/out square eternity ring/pendant can be made into 18 different looks. That is completely mind blowing.You can wear it as two different sets for instance as a ring with long earrings or as a bracelet and short earrings. These are made of 750 White Palladium Gold, 336 black and white diamonds.

Remember the Rubik cube? She has created a ring called just that but that also moves in the same manner, by turning it around you can create different colour combinations, this amazingly fun ring is made out of 750 white Palladium gold, white beautiful sapphires, golden sapphires, amethyst and blue/green emeralds. It’s just such a great idea, several rings in one really.

Are you as blown away as I am? This is such a brilliant collection, but you should also have a look at her other creations. They are all a wonderful work of art.

You can find these designs and much more online.

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