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N.Peal Spring/Summer Cashmere

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

Cashmere has got to be one of the most luxurious fabrics out there but it is usually associated with cold winters and wrapping up warm. As cashmere is a natural wool fibre it has amazing qualities that lends itself to both winter and summer; so in winter it can keep you warm and in summer it can keep you cool, who knew?

Cashmere is found using the fleeces of Capra Hircus goats and the coats producing the best cashmere in the world are located in Inner Mongolia. It is here in the steppes of Mongolia that you find the flocks that N.Peal use to make their world-renowned heritage cashmere.

Nat Peal founded N.Peal in 1936, with his first store in London’s Burlington Arcade. By the 1950s, he was hailed the British King of Cashmere, an accolade that the band still boosts today with such wearers as Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Princess Grace of Monaco, Prince Harry and no other than our British icon James Bond!As the brand expands N. Peal plans to be the destination for sustainable luxury cashmere. Recognised and trusted for their integrity and quality worldwide, N.Peal are committed to the social and environmental impacts of production. The brand is ensuring their products are sourced and manufactured responsibly, cultivated naturally whilst protecting the environment for their Mongolian herders and goats. N. Peal has already limited their own plastic and paper use within their head offices situated in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, being environmentally friendly is an important company ethos.

N.Peal cashmere is truly special as a producer as they have total control of the process, from goat to the finished luxury garment you see in their stores. They set strict quality standards for the colour, fineness and length of the fibre collected and know every process of production from sorting to scouring, dehairing, dyeing, spinning, twisting, knitting, linking and finishing. This attention to detail is evident in their products; from the stunning packaging to the feel and shape of their garments N.Peal cashmere is a step above the rest.I got to test out some if their incredible cashmere through the spring and summer months and was very pleasantly surprised at how cool cashmere can be, even in the blinding heat of Dubai! First to try was the Rich Coral Pink Sleeved Superfine Cashmere Poncho, which comes in one size. This poncho style jumper was perfect for hot dry days, keeping the sun off my skin but loose enough to keep me cool and breezy. The colour is a perfect coral shade that would suit almost all skin tones and matches well with khaki, neutrals and black. I loved how thin the jumper was which made it perfect for layering; turning this poncho jumper from a summer staple to an autumn cross over piece, allowing one to layer a top under and a jacket over. I also tried the Wide Sleeve Silk Layer Cashmere Jumper in navy and black, this piece I think was my favourite, so elegant and a great transitional piece from day to night. This jumper is so flattering with the wide sleeves, longer back and sheer almost see through silk back panel. It’s a great garment to wear in the day but its qualities are best seen at night as it can be made to look very elegant with a leather skirt and simple gold or silver accessories. Lastly I tried the High Neck Ribbed Cashmere Sweater in sand brown, this jumper is denser and as such is more of a spring or autumn staple. It’s a beautiful neutral colour that matches with literally everything, I have worn it to the British seaside and it was the perfect garment to keep warm but still look incredibly stylish. The fabric is beyond soft and it’s hard to take off as the jumper is so snug and comforting, it will definitely be seeing some wear this Autumn.

I am so impressed by N.Peal what with their British heritage background, attention to detail, sustainable and ethical production policies and most importantly their beautiful garments. These are true investment pieces that with the proper care can last a lifetime. I cannot wait to see what the brand bring out for Autumn/Winter, as I know I will definitely be investing in some pieces!

To shop the collection see N.Peal online.

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