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Zen Healthcare: Body Brilliant

Pressotherapy at ZEN Pharmacy

by Lis-Marie Liden

Now that Summer has given way for Autumn we need to prepare ourselves for the cold and the harsher climate ahead. I found myself in the heart of Knightsbridge, down on Beauchamp Place, a lovely little street with a brilliant soul. Here amongst the sweet restaurants, quaint art shops and independent fashion boutiques, you can also find Zen Healthcare. At Zen you will be able to find amazing packages from Body Brilliant, that’s where my journey to detox and reboot started.

I was greeted by smiles and such a friendly atmosphere. Gemma greeted me at the door, she is a qualified nutritionist, weight loss expert and wellness coach with over 15 years of experience, she guided me upstairs where I was led into a lovely room and there it was, the Lympha Press suit along with the IV stand where my magic potion will be placed.

A brilliant treatment, through and through

Amongst many amazing wellness products, they offer two treatments that combine Lympha Press and IV drip. I was treated to the Detox package. This amazing combination of treatments gives benefits like detoxification, reduced oxidation, lowered inflammation, healthier liver function, tissue repair, glowing skin, healthier hair and cellular growth.

I am helped into this amazingly soft and comfy chair where the Lympha press suit was, you kinda have to climb in but don’t worry, you are helped every step of the way. Once you find the right position you’re zipped up and ready to go.

While this amazing lymph press suit starts to activate you’ll feel this lovely pressure starting at your midriff and then once it gets going it will move in waves from feet up. I loved this sensation. This helps improve the lymphatic and circulatory systems which helps eliminate excess fluid in the body.

It helps remove free radicals which are a byproduct of our stress-fighting hormones, the massage even helps to lower your blood pressure. And let’s not forget that it helps detoxify and eliminate waste and can even boost fat loss once the lymphatic system is enhanced, all this amongst so many great benefits!

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So while I have this amazing suite working its super comfy magic I am then also given my Detox IV by the lovely Tara who has taken me through the process so I know what to expect. I am ok with needles but I know some might be a little worried, no need. The needle is very small and you can barely feel a thing when it’s put in, Tara has done this many times. Your arm then rests comfortably on a pillow while the drip starts.

My potion contained so many amazing ingredients for aiding this detox treatment. Inside these bags of goodness you would find Vitamin C, Amino Acid Complex, B Complex, B12 and Glutathione, I mean keep it coming right?

All the while I’m there I am chatting away and feeling so comfortable and well taken care of, this is great if you’re new to treatments like these and unsure if it’s for you. No need to worry, it’s such a lovely environment.

The session is about 45 minutes long which isn’t too bad for all the goodness it holds, there’s also no need to feel like you have to do this more than what you feel works for you. It all depends on what you are after. If you carry a lot of water for instance maybe the lymph press is something you’ll need more regularly, but if like me you are after that detoxification and to reboot your body, even once a month is enough.

Straight after getting out of the suit and being helped off this super comfy chair, I felt the need to pee, this is normal. I was warned by both Gemma and Tara that my urine might look orange due to the detoxification and that this does not mean I have just peed out all the lovely IV dip I have received, thank goodness for that.

The skin on my legs instantly felt warm and softer I swear. And the spring in my step felt lighter. I see this being a great new routine to keep healthy and balanced and get me very much ready for the darker season ahead.

For more information on Body Brilliant visit online.


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