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A self isolation guide for mums Part 1: Body

by Yemi Edwards

I am a mum of school-aged children and have been homeschooling for quite a few weeks now. I am not only delaing with this but I am also in a transitional period with a new career. As the days are mounting up during this crisis, I have had to take the opportunity to discover ways to look after myself to be able to continue to give the children the attention they need and also to provide the needs my body craves for self-love. These guides will tell you about products that you can gift your “body-mind-soul”! Part one of my guides begins with the body to make it feel good and look good despite the situation we are in.

So Eco is accredited by PETA and won a “Good Brand” award from Sublime Magazine. Their products are 100% responsibly and ethically sourced. Even the packaging is kind to the environment with their products ethically made, and the ink they use on their packages is made from vegetables. If a brand is this kind to the environment, you can think it would also be kind to your body. The So Eco Gentle Exfoliating Sponge leaves your body feeling soft. It removes dead and dry skin. Scrubbing the day away, giving your skin much-deserved love. So Eco also has a back strap allowing you to reach those the places you can’t see. The So Eco Loofah Back Strap is double-sided. One side exfoliates, and the other side is soft and cleanses the pores. You are spoilt for choice with bath time tools with this brand. So Eco’s Multipurpose Glove is made using Ramie and Cotton. These gloves revitalise and refresh your skin.

So with your bath aides selected you can start your day with a product from Dr Hauschka. Dr Hauschka skincare products are renowned for the ability to “cleanse, tone, moisturise and beautify“. Dr Hauschka had the determination to launch a skincare range to compliment the medicine range. Working with Elizabeth Sigmund, they managed to produce and launch in 1967.

With a day full of juggling kids and work whilst stuck within four walls, Dr Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Bath Essence is a great way to start the adventure. A fantastic feature of this bath essence is that it provides an energy boost. The pleasant Lemon scent wakes up your senses and it is 100% certified natural cosmetics, free from synthetics, fragrances, dyes and preservatives. From the moment you open the bottle the magic inside works. It ignites the feeling of freshness and energy. Giving you a gentle but powerful kickstart to the day. The sunflower oil moisturises the body, and the combination of the lemon and lemongrass helps tone. Also, if you feel like you need a small top-up of energy in the middle of the day, the brand suggests you place a few drops in a bowl full of water and dab on your face. Should get me back on track quickly!

Speaking of toning, I know I am looking at myself in the mirror and thinking about gentle workouts to help with my tone. Another brand using medical research to develop products for our bodies is Endor. For some help with toning during the quiet time, their Firming & Body Shaping Cream “reduces the size of the arms, abdomen and thighs and improves the skin’s firmness“, it also claims to enhance the appearance of muscle tone! Yes, I just said that. It is greaseless and cooling and leaves your skin feeling silky. It provides a luxurious way to tone your body with ingredients like gold particles, loving your body inside and out! It is also free of parabens and other aggressive substances. Also it is worth noting Endor Technologies do not test on animals either.

To complement the exfoliation treatment B-line have a cleverly named exfoliant called Body and Sole. B-line is a luxury plant-based British brand providing products that are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. The Body and Sole stimulates, renews, and nourishes the skin. The bamboo treatment leas your skin feeling like satin. The cream also helps circulation. The Evening is upon you and the children and your partner are having their own quality time! You can sink into bliss with B-line’s Lavender and Geranium Relaxing Body Wash. You can decide whether you want to have a peaceful shower or a long bath. The lavender and the geranium nourishes the senses and harmonises you inside and out.

So hopefully you mums out there will now have some guidance as to some body self love whilst at home. It’s important that whilst we look after our loved ones we also take care of ourselves!

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