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Autumn Hair Care

by Christina Blaney

As evenings with a glass of rosé in the garden give way to being snuggled up with a hot chocolate by the fire, there are also changes that should be made to your hair care routine. Here are some products to help you transition to the cooler temperatures whilst keeping your hair in beautiful condition.

One of the first changes I notice in my hair as the weather changes is how dry and coarse it becomes, so what’s most important to my routine is making sure it’s kept hydrated and that moisture is kept in from the follicles as well as right to the ends. I use two products for this and I leave them in as an all day hair mask.

The first is from Moo & Yoo which I initially chose because of the brand’s ethos when it comes to sustainable packaging and products that contain no harsh chemicals and instead use only natural ingredients. Moo & Yoo Miracle Hair Mask can be used as your normal conditioner or be left in as a deep conditioning treatment. Marula oil and Icelandic moss lock-in moisture, protecting from the effects of UV exposure and environmental toxins. It is a rich and deeply nourishing treatment for dry and colour treated hair which is why it is perfect for me as it treats the frizzy, dry ends that tend to come with colder weather.

Miracle Mask
Doctors Dose

To ensure my hair is moisturised from the root I like to treat my scalp with natural oils. One of the best natural ingredients for this as well as reducing breakage is Castor oil and you’ll find this in Doctor’s Dose Hair and Scalp Elixir. This is a 100% organic hair and scalp oil that enhances hair and scalp health. It thickens, strengthens and grows hair as well as moisturising the scalp and improves dandruff and dryness. Using only natural ingredients such as Rosemary Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil and more, the smell of this is just divine. After washing and drying my hair I use this as a serum to add some shine and moisture to the ends of my hair but when I know my hair is due a wash, I apply it liberally to my scalp and cover with a silk scarf to sleep in as an intensive treatment. After washing off in the morning my hair feels stronger, shinier and with much less breakage.

Bond Builder Restorative Oil

Once my hair is suitably washed I prepare it for styling with my favourite multi purpose spray from Philip Kingsley. The Bond Builder Lipid Shield is ideal for those with dry, damaged hair, who frequently use heated styling tools, or with colour-treated hair. Or if like me you ticked all of the above! Bond Builder Lipid Shield is inspired by the hair’s natural lipid layer (or epicuticle). The lipid layer is a complex layer that coats each hair strand to protect the cuticle against damage (caused by heat and chemicals) and provide the hair with its shine and slip to make it easier to manage. It contains advanced biomimetic technology and ingredients that restores, strengthens and replenishes lost lipids caused by chemical processing and heat styling and is clinically proven to restore the hydrophobicity of damaged hair after just one use. What I like most about the oil is that it leaves absolutely no residue, so when I blow dry, curl or straighten my hair after using it there is no build up of product. Hair feels instantly softer and smoother after using it. Use this along with the Philip Kingsley Vented Paddle Brush to blow dry your hair to achieve soft, damage free hair. The Vented Paddle Hair Brush is great for detangling thick, long hair and is ideal for blow drying. Crafted with antistatic properties, the paddle brush is the perfect solution for long, thick and straight hair types, allowing you to smooth your hair whilst avoiding fly away ends.

Hot Tools Professional Dual Plate Salon Straightener

As someone who straightens their hair religiously I’m always on the lookout for a new pair that looks after my hair as well as giving it that sleek, shiny look. I was sent a pair of the brand spanking new Hot Tools Professional Dual Plate Salon Straightener and I’ve used them every day since because of the comments I’ve received about my hair. Most people thought I’d had a hair cut or a new colour because it looked so different, when really it was just poker straight! Perfect for all hair types, the plates heat up to 235 degrees and can be adjusted on each side for more versatile styling. But for me I just turn both sides up to the highest, wait for 10 seconds and get on with it. I was actually surprised how easy they were to use after being used to the same pair of straighteners for the last 10 years or so but the round handle and cold tip made these really user friendly. The straighteners have Black Gold titanium plates with innovative Dual design to provide a sleek style without the need for multiple passes. It allows you to achieve smooth and silky hair faster with less frizz, less damage and more shine. And the Rounded edges provide excellent grip for even more preciseness. What I also like this that they remember your settings each time you use them, so every time I turn them on I don’t have to fiddle with the temperature, it remembers from the last time I used them. With the added safety of them turning off after 2 hours you can panic less should you leave them on after you’re already on the tram/tube/train to work.


Finally something I didn’t know I needed but is now part of my everyday routine; hair perfume. That’s right, it’s exactly as it sounds and it’s amazing! I use Confessions of a Rebel’s hair perfume ‘Get a room’ which is a shine enhancing hair mist. We all know what it’s like to come home from a night out or a bonfire and have the smell lingering in your hair, that’s because hair has the uncanny ability to hold onto scent the longest. But unlike a drying, alcohol-based eau de parfum applied directly onto your strands, Get a Room hair perfume pairs nourishing ingredients with a gorgeous fragrance. At first mist, Get a Room starts heating things up, with forbidden apple mingling with mandarin, vanilla, praline, spices, and stripped-down woody notes. A spray of this on your brush or directly onto your hair just before leaving the house will have your scent lingering with every swish of your locks!

Forget leaving the house for a wash and blow dry this Autumn, stay in where it’s warm and pamper yourself instead.


  • Christina Blaney

    Born and raised in the picturesque Lake District, Christina Blaney had a truly idyllic childhood. She then transitioned from being a head chef in Manchester to compiling the community pages and features for the Manchester Evening News. She is always ready for an adventure, whether it’s swimming in the Norwegian fjords or singing in the honky tonks in Nashville. Now running her own social media business, she loves nothing more than exploring with her dog Luther or being curled up with a good Netflix documentary.

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