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Beautiful Beauty for Winter Wellness

by Lis-Marie Liden
Winter Wellness

Another month closer to even colder weather and I have tried some more products to make your winter days a little brighter, I will cover items to support you from top to toe, for the mind as well as body.

As we know the colder winter months often bring flu or other bugs that we need to fight so make sure you top up on your vitamins. Purolabs have you sorted on every corner of the vitamin scale but I would personally recommend you aim for Vitamin D. I received their Vitamin D3 &K2 which I have been taking daily for some time now. Great for supercharging your immune system and supporting healthy bones, muscles and teeth.

Walking around my studio or popping out to my patio rocking chair I have been wearing my Balena BioCir slides. These are something else, they are fully biodegradable and compostable! They are made with a natural colourant, in my case Cinnamon. Not only are they easy to slide on they are comfortable and have softened to the contour of my feet overwear. But once they have reached the end of their lifespan, I can simply send them back, where they will be composted and returned to the ground safely. This is the future, and it is amazing to see.

balena slidersBefore moving on to skincare and fragrances we have to nourish our minds. With the Mindful Escape Relaxation Kit you can ground yourself and find that peace. Scentered has created this lovely set that includes a sweet little candle holder, a bundle of small candles and the Escape balm. I have used Scentered before and have their De-Stress balm on my desk at all times because it works and smells divine at the same time. Simply rub some of the balm on your pulse points, bring your wrists to your nose and take a deep breath. Light the candle and allow yourself to just be present in the moment. The kit comes in a lovely tin box perfect for gifting and easy to bring out and use however often you feel needed.

Popping into the shower I have received some amazing products for both during and after. It truly makes a difference when you treat yourself to full sets.

Olverum sent me a set of Body Cleanser, Purifying Hand Wash and Soothing hand lotion. The fragrance is amazing! And to be able to use the hand and body wash and then seal it in with hand lotion makes all the difference. The Body Cleanser gives you a lush lather supporting your skin barrier all the while cleansing effectively. Completely soap and sulphate free. The amazing fragrance comes from essential oils helping to ease stress and help you relax both mind and body.


The Purifying Hand Wash is perfect for dry hands, it helps maintain hydration and absorb moisture. And with the same gorgeous fragrance from essential oils from Marjoram, Lavandin and Geranium. And then as a final step I would apply the Soothing Hand Lotion. It absorbs quickly without disappearing if that makes sense, I can tell my hands are smoother and moisturised. Not only is it helping moisture, but it also helps protect your hands throughout the days. And the packaging is so beautiful, it looks very luxurious on the shelf.

Let’s not forget to moisturize our body too in winter, Athonites has a lovely Vitalize and Hydrate Body Cream. Rich in texture but still fast absorbing without leaving a greasy feeling. Natural fragrance and beautiful ingredients inside such as Extra Virgin Green Olive Oil, Rosemary and Lavender amongst many more amazing ingredients. An all encapsulated in a green, fruity, fresh and invigorating fragrance. Perfect for this time of year when we tend to need more moisture care for our bodies.


Arran sent me a gift box filled with many goodies, perfect for winter! Two items of which I have in my handbag on a daily basis. Let’s start with my three Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang items, the Bath and Shower Gel is lovely on those days when I want to close my eyes and let the fragrance take me away on a pretend holiday. It reminds me of just that, a lovely holiday. Made with essential oils and enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 to support nourishment and deep cleansing.

To keep this holiday feeling I continue to the Body Lotion in the same amazing fragrance. A rich creamy texture without being greasy it’s perfect for applying just before dashing out the door if needed, I have bare legs all year around, yes you read that right, and during this time of year the skin needs support. For my hands I used the Apothecary Honey and Oatmeal Soap bar, enriched with pure honey and almond oil that together helps gently exfoliate your skin without drying your skin. And It leaves your hands smelling so nice.

Arran of ScotlandSo what items are kept in my bag you wonder? Well with all the hand washing and sanitizing we are doing nowadays hand lotion is a must, and Arran has the perfect tube of Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang hand lotion. The same amazing fragrance, quick absorbing cream that leaves your hands silky smooth and cared for. Perfect size for on the go applications too. And lastly but definitely not least it’s the After The Rain Rollerball Fragrance, it stays on your skin for such a long time and the notes transform beautifully. It’s a fresh yet warm floral fragrance perfect for anytime of day. And a great size for keeping in your bag.

beautykin hydrating bar

And to my last product of this roundup we have the Hydrating Bar from Beauty Kin, it is of a substantial size so you can enjoy its benefits for a while. It’s really good if you have dry patches on your body like elbows or knees. Or are just in need of a deeper hydration of your skin in general. The trick is to create a lather and apply but then wait for 60 seconds before rinsing off. It holds some amazing ingredients to support your skin like, Squalane, Tomato Seed; which is very good for conditioning your skin, Jojoba to sooth and Bergamot.

I think my body is being well taken care of and prepared for the darker colder winter months ahead. And Christmas is slowly approaching so these items are perfect as gifts as well.


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