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Combating Seriously Dry Winter Skin

by Lis-Marie Liden

During the colder months, my face seriously feels extra dry, I suppose it’s down to several things but it is always subjected to the changes in weather and the horrendous pollution of the everyday commute. So I was ready to dive into products to support my precious skin and to give you ideas for combatting dry winter skin.

Athletia sent me three products and I liked them as a routine. I’d start with the Treatment Cleansing Cream, a rich and easy-to-use cleanser. I sometimes feel like there’s a layer of oil left behind normally with cleansers but not with this one, having that said it keeps moisture in and it removed my waterproof eyeliner without any issues.

Some seriously good winter skin solutions

Afterwards, I went on to apply the Smooth Jelly Serum, it felt super refreshing and applied so easily. Little goes a long way here, and the fragrance is to die for! This lovely serum is perfect to build up that resilience during this darker colder season. I have advocated overnight skincare routines before and I still stand by it. The Phyto Sleeping Cream is so good for this.

Athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream

The trick with this deeply moisturising cream is to take a pearl-sized amount, warm it up between your hands and then apply it to your face. I could tell by using this cream that my often very dry forehead was becoming much more content.

I’m no spring chicken so anything supporting anti-aging and slightly tired skin is much appreciated. You have probably heard of Jojoba before, I have but hadn’t tried it yet. The Jojoba Company sent me their 100% Jojoba oil, perfect for supporting a smoother, seriously healthier complexion without clogging up your pores, which is always a worry I have with any oil on my face. Not only does it help to regenerate cells it’s also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which is great for calming and soothing down the skin.

Pure Australian Jojoba natural skincare antioxidant for face body all skin types clean skincare

On those days when I just want to look fresh and dewy I now have the solution. Adding a subtle but powerful glow and treating your skin to much-needed nourishment through Jojoba, apricot oil and Anthyllis. I am talking about the Illuminating Fluid from Dr. Hauschka. It’s perfect for highlighting and brightening your complexion in a heartbeat, that’s why it’s in my bag. Non-sticky residue and easy to just dab on desired areas or all overall in a limited edition packaging designed by Saskia Diez.

Oxygen Glow CC Cream

If like me you’re not super keen on thick foundations but you want that flawless skin look, then a CC cream is for you which is a colour correction cream. It’s beautifully lightweight and gives a nice fresh smooth look and it adapts to your skin tone so it works for everyone.

Filorga has sent me two of their seriously amazing products, Oxygen Glow CC Cream the first hybrid CC cream to boost oxygenation which enhances complexion and protects at the same time. But this gorgeous cream also detoxifies, so much good in a handy sized tube. I have used Filorga’s products before and am always impressed by them, and this one did not disappoint either.

I have mentioned before that your skin works differently over night, it almost has uninterrupted time to regenerate and absorb all the goodness, repair and reboot. The Sleep and Peel 4.5 is a overnight micro peel, simply add on a cleansed face and get that beauty sleep.

Overnight, this cream will stimulate cell renewal allowing you to wake up to refreshed skin. It helps reduce those fine lines and imperfections all the while you’re dreaming of being on a beach in the tropics. Such an easy and seriously effective way to reboot.

So not only do I now have protected and moisturised skin, but I am also looking seriously radiant and fresh. Bring on the winter season!


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