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From face to fragrance

by Lis-Marie Liden

My hunt for new and amazing skincare and beauty will never stop and I have some more products to tell you about.

Bedew Skin sent me a lovely box filled with goodies, and not only for my skin. The Geisha chocolate bar was devoured in mere moments while admiring the petals of a lovely little rose. But on to the products . . . I received a set of five products with accompanying tools.

The first and maybe favourite is the Hyaluronic Hydrator Serum, I swear that I saw improved plumpness of my skin instantly, the texture feels like liquid velvet. It is perfect for that deep hydration and balancing of my skin before moving on to the Moisturiser. CBD is something I have trialled before but not in this form, opening the jar of goodness I’m met by this light green cream with a slight but non overpowering natural fragrance. With the help of a small spatula, I take a very small amount, this moisturiser truly goes a long way. I gently massage into my face and neck. As this is a very light cream it absorbs quickly without leaving any oily residue. Also as mentioned this cream holds CBD amongst many lovely ingredients, which helps reduce redness, inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Bedew Serum
Bedew Moisturiser
Instant Enzyme Peel


On occasion it’s good to really exfoliate the skin and try to remove dead skin cells and make way for a fresher complexion. The Instant Enzyme Peel with its lovely peel brush is amazing for this, simply use the peel brush to apply an even coat of the peel after the skin has been cleansed, being careful around the sensitive eye area of course. You might feel a little warmness and see some redness of the skin but this is nothing to worry about. You then leave this on for about 15 minutes, if you want an even more intense peel just add another layer. Once you are ready to remove you start by massaging it to the skin in gently with your fingers and then remove with the super soft cleansing cloth that Bedew offers. Skin is left smooth and fresh.

The cleanser I received is a new way about this for me, it is the Almond Oil Cleanser. You simply add to your skin and massage for 30 seconds all the while adding some water along the way. It is perfectly fine to repeat as needed, I sometimes like to double cleanse just to get all the nasties of the day away. This cleanser has much love and care in its making, having taken two years to develop making sure it treats your skin kindly. Lovely ingredients supporting your skin and keeping it balanced.

Essentials Kit Bedew

Right so we have peeled, cleansed and moisturised. But please don’t forget your SPF! Bedew offers a very potent but lightweight Hydrating Serum, so don’t skimp on the strength of your SPF, your future self will thank you. The Heliocare 360° Fluid cream has a lovely SPF 50 inside, is broad spectrum supporting your sensitive skin and helping protect from sun damage. It contains Hyaluronic acid helping to draw water into the skin alongside blueberry stem cells helping to regenerate and rebuild. It’s like skincare poetry. Not only will it help against the harmful rays of the sun but it will literally improve your skin while doing it.

So we have our skin taken care of, so let’s move on to fragrances, I truly believe we all deserve a fragrance wardrobe, a selection to go with our moods and occasions. So when I got a sweet trial set from Matiere Premiere I was fully ready to explore.

I would like to tell you I have a favourite, but I can’t, I like them all. So much so that I rotate them around, one day one will be in my bag, one on the shelf on my bathroom and one next to my bed, and then depending on mood I swap them around. The 6ml bottles are perfect for on the go but also perfect if you want to try them out before investing into the lush 100ml. I was given the French Flower, Cologne Cédrat and the Radical Rose.



The French Flower fragrance has enchanting Tuberose, Nigeria Ginger, Chinese Tea Leaf and green pear. You can truly walk through each and every note. Light but still mysterious. Cologne Cédrat has a touch of fresh lemon followed by Black and pink pepper oil, Bergamot, Mate absolute Paraguay helping to keep the fragrance lingering for a long as possible. Soft but spicy without becoming overpowering. Last but absolutely not least is the Radical Rose, this brings memories back for me, maybe my grandmother wore something with a similar scent in it. No surprise that it holds a high concentration of Rose Centifolia Absolute, accompanied by Saffron and pepper berries allowing some spice. Patchouli giving toddy notes. It’s like romance and passion in a bottle. See, how can one choose?

Touching back on the Rose Centifolia, the founder of Matiere Premiere, Aurélien Guichard started together with his family a farm to produce his very own Rose Centifolia and he’s the one and only to do so. Cultivating thousands of roses on his farm allows him to reconnect with the work and the journey of creating these amazing fragrances. A great passion for the craft but also a lovely natural journey from beginning to end. Now all I have to do is choose which one to buy the bigger bottle of. Wish me luck!

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