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Growth and Expansion: Coping with the Menopause Part 3

by Yemi Edwards

Hello again, and thank you for coming back to the next part of the Menopause Head to Toe Map after Part 2 was published recently. It’s been a couple of interesting weeks with lots of growth. With my change of prescribed medicine, I had a bit of downtime, but I am back bright and bushy-tailed to continue on our journey.

Firstly, I need to apologize, I had left out some products that work from the inside out, in the previous article. so here they are . . .

Products for growth into your best self

SPATONE is an iron-rich water that gives energy and helps maintain a healthy immune system. Our body doesn’t produce it naturally and we would usually get it from certain foods. If you are prescribed iron, one of the side effects is that it can irritate your tummy. This supplement is gentle on the tummy and is easy to digest.

Let me tell you a little story. The COVID bug was making its rounds in the extended family. I had already gone through having it in the summer so was a bit nervous about it coming back. I admit, it could have been psychological, but I started to feel a bit under the weather and run down.

The first thing I thought of was Vitamin C. I remembered that I had the Spatone sachets in the fridge. I took it as directed with my daily routine and I found that I was feeling a bit more perky. I wanted to believe that they helped me a bit.

Even though the Spatone sachets were meant for me. My teen daughter, who is starting her route into womanhood, decided to try it out too. She loved them. Spatone Apple tastes quite nice, especially if you keep them in the fridge. Saying that sharing the box with her meant I ran out in a short time. 

I happened to be in my chemist collecting my regular prescription and there it was a box of Spatone on the shelf. I was so happy because with my current lifestyle, I got too distracted and I kept forgetting to look into getting more online. The chemist was a bit bewildered about my excitement. I explained that it helped with my energy levels and immune system. He nodded, still unsure what it was.

Bearing in mind there was just the sole box on the shelf.  Anyway, the next morning, as usual, I retrieved a sachet from the fridge and swigged it down only to be hit with a completely different taste in my mouth. I was confused, so I looked at the sachet again. I had picked up Spatone Original (hand slapping face) OH! MAN! The household preference is most definitely the Apple version.

The Apple version also has Vitamin C unlike the original. So, I had to mix it with a shot of orange juice that I had in the fridge. I couldn’t let it go to waste as it is still as good for you, just not as tasty. My recommendation is if you like apples, get the apple ones. If you are not a fan of apples, then go ahead and pick up the original and drink it straight or your preferred juice.

Keeping with the theme of inside out, ĒOSTRE, one-a-day vegan capsules are made in the UK. They are hormone-free and gluten-free and the packaging is plastic-free. If you google the word ēostre the result is spring and new beginnings. Eostre is a Germanic goddess. Ostara (another spelling) symbolizes fertility, rebirth, and renewal.

Ēostre capsules contain Pycnogenol a French maritime pine bark extract. This antioxidant helps protect cells from damage. Ēostre reduces hot flashes, helps with hair loss and reduces anxiety and reduces signs of ageing.

Going back to hair briefly, unlike the hair supplements I spoke about in the previous article, VIVISCAL is a hair growth programme. My hair is currently in braids so I will keep these on the side for later use. But I will tell you what the programme is about. Viviscal Hair growth tablets are made for women and they contain AminoMar C which is a marine-derived protein that keeps the hair strong. I cannot wait to try these soon to help with my hair.

On the subject of marine, last but not least in regards to the internal journey I will tell you about KOLLO PREMIUM LIQUID COLLAGEN supplements. The sachets contain a key ingredient Type 1 marine collagen peptides and Kollo sachets contain the maximum liquid collagen on the market.

Collagen helps reduce the signs of ageing and also contributes to stronger hair and nails. Kollo sachets also contain Vitamin B & C which help with cell renewal. I have taken marine products before, so I was expecting a somewhat salty taste. To prepare for this, I mixed the contents of the sachet into a small glass of orange juice but this was not needed as the product in just water tastes delicious, like tropical fruit.

I said it before, it is important to consult your practitioner before taking any of these supplements. I have been talking about a lot of different options in my guides, some will agree with you and some won’t. I am just hoping that providing you with a few different choices will help you through the process.

Now for something a little bit different. I decided to take up boxing classes. With my newfound moments of energy and clear mind, it was a great way to keep fit physically and mentally. ARMED ANGELS activewear kept me cool and comfortable during my session.  Armed Angels uses recycled polyamide, which is durable and dries quickly.

What I didn’t know is that sports bras can cause problems with your posture, especially tight-fitting ones. I noticed that the Armed Angels sports bra felt light but I could feel the support. Armed Angels use a fibre made from wood pulp called Tencel Lyocell. My leggings and top felt super soft on my skin. That fibre is known to be pleasant to the skin, I can agree. Working out in the outfit made me feel good and also importantly, look great!

To go with looking great on the outside, I tried out INLIGHT BEAUTY products as part of my daily routine. Listen, we are going through some hormonal changes that we have no control over. Our body shape is shifting on a daily basis. It’s ok to enhance the body with products to help keep you positive inside and out.

I have fallen in love with Inlight’s Firm & Tone Oil. It’s handcrafted in the UK and 100% organic. I first only used it at night, but the aroma is so inviting, I now use it after a hot shower and it gives me a soft kiss to start my day. It contains ginger, green tea, and burdock. The oil boosts circulation and tones the body. I’ve been using it on my former favourite parts of my body, bum, boobs and tummy, as they seem to be the parts of the body that have had a drastic change during the menopause.

Inlight’s Under Eye Revive treats puffiness and dark circles. True story… I had been using the product for a week or so, and one day, I walked past a mirror and walked back to it because I was surprised about how “alive” my eyes/undereyes looked. I actually said wow.

Because as a mom always distracted by taking care of my daughter full time, I don’t really look in the mirror. Do you know how many times I’ve walked out the house forgetting I’m still wearing PJ bottoms? Yeah, that is my current life. I have purchased petrol donning plaid soft trousers and sandals! So catching a glimpse of myself that day was a gentle reminder that I’m not a robot. And damn I can look good!

So that’s the end of our Menopause journey together, I hope my story and guides as to products that might help inspire you all somehow. It might be scary and stressful as we go through the change but there are many ways our there to make it slightly less traumatic. Good luck!


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