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Health And Beauty From The Inside Out

by Lorna Oakley

So, we are halfway through January and there is an onslaught of detoxes, weight loss and get fit campaigns bombarding us before we have finished the last slice of that Terry’s chocolate orange in the cupboard. As my diet is mainly plant based, I find it interesting to see new health products launching and it’s easier than ever to find great meat alternatives. If you had spoken to me two years ago I’d think that was a crazy statement as I was very much the countryside born and bred carnivore. With this in mind, I’ve taken to be more mindful of my purchases; it’s an easy step to take if you do not want to commit to Veganuary or strict diets but make it part of your routine, whilst creating actual positive changes.

First off, one of my absolute essentials; J S Health, this is one of two brands I have used religiously since they launched and has made a noticeable difference. JS Health began when it’s Founder Jessica Sepel started a blog documenting her struggles with fad dieting and her relationship with food. Amongst the products she has created is the Detox + Debloat formula, which is pioneering the supplement space with its research-backed blend of nutrients and herbs delivering extraordinary results. Bloating and an overworked liver are common health concerns, so nutritionist Jessica Sepel set out to create a cutting-edge vitamin to target both. What I love about these products are they not a fad, it’s a supplement that provides effective relief from bloating, while also supporting liver detoxification processes for wellbeing and confidence.

Bloating was something I really struggled with, along with many of my patients in nutrition clinic. When I discovered the impressive scientific research on fennel for abdominal bloating, I knew I had to create a transformational vitamin with it. I believe in the synergy between our liver and digestion, so I made this formulation even more powerful by adding detoxification support with Milk Thistle and Turmeric.Jessica Sepel, Founder + Nutritionist.

Moving on to the second amazing brand I want to introduce you to and that is The Organic Pharmacy, if you’ve seen my social media you will see I totally love all their products and have been a fan for a while. It’s a complete supplement programme with botanicals to enhance soothing of digestive tract, support drainage and liver function and metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. Vitamins and minerals contribute to protecting cells from oxidative stress. This is an easy to follow and effective system designed to fit around any modern lifestyle and is accompanied by a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions, tips and meal plan. Don’t be put of by the name, I’d call it more a reset than a detox; the food is absolutely delicious and easy to do (you can alter the amounts you eat and I changed from chicken and fish to tofu). In ten days I lost half a stone, but you feel so much cleaner and it really does set you up for new habits which I can guarantee you will stick to.

Speaking new habits, how do you take your coffee? Have you ever thought of using collagen creamer instead of your usual milk or soya? I’ve been using Dose and Co for a while, especially their Dairy-Free Collagen Creamer in Vanilla and Caramel flavour and this really is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Rich in collagen and good fats from coconut milk, this combination supports hair, skin and nails.  This dairy, soy, gluten and artificial sweetner free with natural vanilla to sweeten is also keto friendly. I have been combining this with my favourite smoothie from The Farm Girl recipes at the Organic Pharmacy (post detox I’m still combining this with dates, spinach, almond butter, honey and almond milk for a smoothie I can only describe as white chocolate in a glass).

If you are more for the traditional kind of collagen, let me introduce you to LQ Collagen. Skin Hair Nails Powder is a powder version of their best-selling beauty formulation. Easy to mix, it offers the perfect boost to your morning smoothie. Providing 10,000mg of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen per serving, plus other key vitamins such as Vitamin C and minerals. Skin Hair Nails Powder offers a low-calorie option for people looking to add collagen to their daily routine. Designed to deliver noticeable results in as little as 30 days it has a passion fruit flavour that you can mix in water, or as they kindly sent to me; a premixed variation is also available. This is scientifically formulated to support healthy skin, hair and nails and contains Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Selenium and Vitamin C. All which add to this powerhouse of a supplement that creates noticeable changes within a month.

As you’ve probably guessed by the above; I LOVE food, also working from home gives me some flexibility when it comes to preparing meals. However, if you’d rather take your collagen or supplements in tablet form; I have the answer for you. Rejuvenate and their H3O Night Repair contains a potent blend of ingredients to strengthen and hydrate your skin whilst you slumber. Magnesium and calcium work together to encourage relaxation for a good night’s sleep, combining this with their immune complex is the perfect partnership. This is a combination of prebiotics and probiotics to boost the digestive system, thus helping to support the heart, brain and immunity health.

So, to conclude, don’t think detox or restricting yourself; post Christmas can be grey and miserable as it is, think more of adapting and adding to a healthy diet to improve overall wellness. Hoping I have helped spread a little bit of healthy yet delicious positivity your way!


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