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Lashes and Brows

by Lis-Marie Liden

My eyes are my thing. I have perfected my eyeliner game early in life and have been told my lashes are quite something, but I just can’t help but to want those dramatic, voluminous long lashes and without help I can’t get that far. I have to admit that I’m so bad at applying lashes, I only managed once for halloween many moons ago when I dressed up as naughty, I mean cute, kitty. That evening I was almost late because I got glue all over the place! And I didn’t know if they were the right length or if I was doing it right, this was before the world of smartphones and Youtube video tutorials. Yes I’m that old!

Anyway, fast forward to today and I am testing out four sets of lush lashes and I’m ready. I have watched videos for beginners and I have gathered all the necessary equipment to get it done. Even if it took me a while and a few breaks to gather myself and find my calm, I did it! I managed to get the lashes on finally, much thanks to the Brushworks False Lash Applicator, thanks to this little tool all the glue stuck on my fingers and fumbling around is over. The applicator allows you to add the lashes without compromising any view and without damaging the lash thanks to its rubber coated grips. It also has this great rubber end to help you fix the lashes onto the lash line without hassle.

I had the pleasure to try out two pairs of Wispy Dramatise Lashes and two pairs of High Impact Maximise Lashes from Eye Candy. I think you can gather from the names that they work for different occasions or preference. The Maximise lashes are thicker and they will definitely give you lashes of envy, they are there to make a statement for sure. The Dramatise lashes are more natural with a twist, they still lengthen and add beautiful volume but not with as much “oomph” as the Maximise, and I can see how these would be a great day to day lash look.

So after going through this journey and finally mastering the art of applying lashes I felt I needed to give a little love back to my own. I’m welcoming any lash treatment with open arms, and Eye Candy has me covered. So I started treating them with the Maximiser Lash Serum, this will support lash growth, strengthen and condition lashes as well as stimulate length and density. This is great if you need to get the life and length back to your lashes. It’s super easy to apply as you just brush it on to the base of your lashes. The serum reduces lash loss which for me is welcomed, I rub my eyes for no particular reason and always fear I’ll lose my precious lashes.

I was also treated to an Lash Curler by Brushworks that has the most amazing and secure grip, non slip for perfect curling with a rounded silicone pad to avoid breakage of my now conditioned lashes. I have on occasion had curler moments where I accidentally pinch the sensitive skin around the eye and get all teary eyed pushing back my make up deadline by a long minute, but I can happily say this did not happen with this curler, very easy and comfortable to use.

OK, lashes are happy, so let us touch on another journey of mine, my brows. I’m blonde and my brows have never been prominent, not only are they sparse they are platinum blonde, we’re talking almost invisible. Through the years I have managed by drawing them on like the artist I am, it’s hard work trying to make them look alike, and it has taken me many years to get there. And as always whenever I find that perfect brow colour and pen they take it out of production and the panicked hunt for a new candidate begins. That feeling when you’re down to your last little pencil stump is not pleasant.

So my brows are always in need of love! I started my microblading journey a while back but I’m always open to try and build and condition the little brow game I have to begin with. I received the Peptide Gel Serum for my brows which will encourage hair regrowth and increase hair density, and I don’t know if it’s just the hopeful heart in me but I swear I can feel more density already. It’s easily applied with a brush that looks much like a mascara brush, makes sense as you really want to brush it in to your brows. Both serums whether it’s for lashes or brows are to be used twice a day, morning and night, and I have been a good girl and done it perfectly.

But then there’s those stray hairs, I see you unibrow wannabe hairs, I see you! I pluck them normally, but I was treated to the No Mo-Unibrow Kit. This is the sweetest little tin with 24 hypoallergenic waxing strips, a super small and handy tweezer and post-wax aloe cream. It’s beyond me how all this fits in this small tin but it’s perfect, bring it on your travels or just keep it in your bag when you’re in need of a brow fix. This little set is from No Mo-Stache and they have little tins just like this for any desired area you might need to wax.

So with all these goodies I am so looking forward to seeing how much healthier and denser both lashes and brows will become with further use, at least I will be ready for those cocktail evenings after lockdown, lashes and brows at the ready.

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