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Spring Wellness: Supplements & Natural Remedies

by Lis-Marie Liden

Spring is here, the end of lockdown is in sight, so it’s time to think about wellness from the inside out. So I dove into the world of supplements and remedies and oh do I have things to share. I think it is so amazing that we can give our body the goodness it needs in a simple pill or a sip from a glass. Can it get any more convenient than that? I know for a fact that I do not get enough through what I eat normally so a boost to support my immune system, skin, nails and hair is very welcome in my house.

Steeps One Shot was one of the first items I tried. It comes in a slightly, to me, retro looking bottle with a shot glass, letting you chose what level you want for the day. On the glass is Supercharged or Unstoppable, obviously I went for Unstoppable. Shake the bottle, measure it up and knock it back. It has a spicy kick to it assuring you a great start to your day and at the same time boosting your immune system. It is fully organic, with a tasty mix of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric, Ginger, Chilli, Horseradish, onion and Garlic. That’ll give you a kick like nothing else. But if spicy is a little too much for you, you can also mix it or even add it to salad dressings and marinades so as not to miss out on the natural goodness.

A box also arrived filled with colourful cans from Remedy, it was the Rainbow Pack. Remedy is the creation by Sarah and Emmet Condon from their very own kitchen. In the Rainbow pack you’ll find Kombucha, Coconut Water Kefir and Switchel. If you don’t know what Kombucha is by now where have you been? It’s fermented tea, and this is something that has been made for thousand of years and people have been drinking it for its good bacteria ever since. I couldn’t even try to choose a favourite flavour, because they’re all so tasty. I was hesitant towards the Coconut Water Kefir at first, because I haven’t loved coconut water when I have tried it before. But Remedy has somehow mixed this perfectly, super tasty and not at all close to the coconut water I tried before so that’s great. The Switchel is Apple Cider Vinegar mixed up with gorgeous fruity and spicy flavour. Healthy, tasty and all natural, you can’t go wrong. And to make it easier for you and make sure you’re never without, you can sign up to subscribe to Remedy and always have them at hand.

We know that with age our body starts producing less and less collagen resulting in skin becoming less firm but also cartilage weakening. Collagen as a supplement will support these issues, it will help reduce fine lines, even out skin tones but also support healthy nails, hair and joints. So I was super happy to have this opportunity to try our some collagen drinks and support my going on forty, I mean going on twenty one body right?

Raw Beauty Lab sent me their Vegan Collagen Superfood. It contains vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to help protect and build collagen. It’s created with great care and only using whole food vitamins and nutrients for the purest results. Raw Beauty Lab is all Vegan and made from 100% pure plants. Not only will this help support and build collagen, there’s also antioxidants inside to support your entire gorgeous self. It has a subtle fruity flavour perfect for a smoothie, overnight oats or yoghurts if you want to have a bit more fun with it. One scoop and you’re on your way. The bag gives you 30 days worth of servings and by 28 days you should be able to see a positive change, and if you love it then you can sign up to subscribe so you never miss out.

Reviveactive sent me their Beauty Complex which is filled with Phytoceramides, Peptan Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. But it also contains Vitamin C and E to protect cells from oxidative stress, Selenium to support hair and nail health and Copper to support hair and skin pigmentation. The first thing that hit me was the flavour, it reminded me of this ice lolly from my childhood. Not only did it give my body much needed goodness I also got to walk down memory lane. You can mix it with your favourite drink but it tastes super good just the way it is and mixed with water. The box contains 21 sachets and you mix one per day and just feed your body with all the active ingredients.

Skin Woof sent me two products to support both from the inside and out. To start off this routine I begin with the Skin Woof Premium Collagen Beauty Drink. If you are just starting out they recommend you take two sachets day to use as a loading dose or twice a day continuously to raise your amount of collagen in general. Then one sachet a day to maintain a healthy level of collagen, so that’s where I went. The Skin Woof collagen drink is completely free from sugar, artificial colouring, flavour and sweetener, as well as free from Gluten and Lactose. Simply add a sachet to a glass and stir away. It has a subtle Strawberry and Lime flavour that goes down like a charm. Aside from Collagen we also see in the mix Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C and A, Pomegranate Extract and Gotu Kola Extract in the mix. 

For the outside they sent me the Skin Woof Vitamin C Radiance Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A and Sea Buckthorn Oil. These ingredients will help revive and brighten your skin. It’s a light gel based serum that’s non sticky and easy to apply evenly. Applying this morning and night will help plump your skin, even out skin tone, boost collagen and elastin. It will repair damaged cells, help reduce appearance of scarring and pigmentation as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hello flawless skin! Completely natural and organic and it is not tested on animals and they are all made here in the U.K.

Right, so I have mentioned once or twice that I struggle with a bad knee, it’s at a point where we’re just waiting for technology to move forward so we can fix it. This means I have to live with pain regularly. I have tried several different things such as painkillers, joint creams, basically whatever I could find to support my joints. I have also through a lot of wonderful advice along the way understood that I need to work from the inside out. So when I received the Aches and Pain Duo from Perfect Look and Health I was beyond ready and excited. I start by taking two tablets of the Pure-Col before bed, this is a 100% pure collagen formula that will aid aches and pains but at the same time support the strength of skin, hair and nails. But more importantly for me it supports my joint health and the added anti ageing properties is just a massive plus I’d say. If I’ve done an intense workout and my knee is having a bit of a flare up I massage it with the PainNoMore massage lotion which is a mix of collagen and Aloe Vera helping from the outside in. I can use this up to six times a day so it’s easy to keep supporting the joint, while massaging it in it gives a feeling of deep heat which is really nice and soothing.

OK so hormones are sometimes the opposite of our friends, I can’t begin to explain how I have been struggling with this. I used to joke about gaining weight by just breathing all due to a hormonal imbalance. I have tried specific diets and can’t seem to get on top of it. Perfect Look and Health has a Perfect Harmony hormone balancing supplement supporting with the effects of hormone imbalance, and all natural as well which gives me peace of mind. It will support everything from PMS, Menopause or severe period pains, it will take awhile for me to see the complete results but I am excited to see how this will help me in the long run.

Before going to bed I have been trying out the Unwind Natural CBD Vape Pen from Lady A. Two puffs of three seconds and it helped me relax and unwind but also helped ease anxiety and stress, something that this lockdown has been at times harder than previous lockdowns. It contains a broad spectrum natural CBD with a subtle strawberry note and is so easy to use. This vape pen holds up to 200 puffs so it will last me for a while. I did make myself jump as the end of the vape pen lights up and I saw it in a reflection on metal. Don’t worry I’m fine. They have two other vapes to support you through your days, Balance for focus and the Uplift to kickstart your morning.

The other product I tried is the CBD Inhaler from Purgo CBD, it looks just like an inhaler does and works the same. It was the first time I tried one so I wasn’t sure how it would feel, fear not, it is super easy to use. It’s a Bio Enhanced full spectrum CBD with Micellised CBD molecules that ensures the same dose each spray. I have been using their Be Well inhaler but there are three more; Be Calm, Be Active and Be Clear. Their names kind of tells you what they will do for you. Purgo is a family business run by mother and son who are very passionate about our planet and healthy lifestyle and they have created some pretty amazing products.

Thanks to all these wonderful supplements and natural remedies I feel like I have really been able to keep my wellbeing top notch and I’m so excited to see how I feel in the long run after using them all. So get yourself Spring ready from the inside out with these brands.


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