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Exciting Summer Pampering Guide

by Lis-Marie Liden

The journey of trying out new and exciting skincare products continues, and I am happy to support you. In this review I have trialled, serums, supplements and tools to support my skin inside out for some summer pampering.

Skin Chemists have sent me two products from their Youth Series containing Green Caviar, if that doesn’t pique your interest then what will? I have potentially passed my youth area but nonetheless, these products are still beneficial for all ages. It’s good to start your skincare and support your skin to age beautifully early and that’s when the Youth series come in handy. Starting with the Day Moisturiser to give deep moisture all the while protecting your skin when out and about and all the while being age-defying. Filled with antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. A little goes a long way and absorbs easily through gentle massage. To support the more sensitive under-eye area I also received their Eye Serum, which helps to hold the moisture in all the while giving the same amazing safeguarding as the Day Moisturiser. I definitely learned here that less is more, one little pebble of product will support the entire eye area.

I have worked with Kelsey before and know they have amazing products, even the packaging is a treat, enchanting even. Their Three Moons Brightening Concentrate holds amazing natural ingredients and for this concentrate it is the Raspberry fruit infusion that stands out, it is in fact a very potent source of AHA which helps to remove dead skin and to brighten and strengthen your skin leaving it looking more radiant. Simply apply a few drops to your hands and gently massage over face and neck morning and night to give ultimate treatment. I personally take this time to really massage my face to help circulation as well. Kelsey is recommending to keep in the fridge if you want a nice cooling effect.

three moons kelseyAnother brand I am sure you have heard of is Jurlique, I have always wanted to try their products and finally the day has come! They so kindly treated me to the Exclusive Aloe Vera Mist and Hand cream. I swear to you I mist my face every moment I get, especially after a long day. Inside this super hydrating mist you’ll find farm grown Australian Aloe vera extract, a blend of Citrus, Green tea and Cedarwood all giving you a fragrant revitalising treatment. I recommend to mist away as often as you feel you need to refresh, it truly makes you feel so uplifted. The mist can be used on your hands as well but if you truly want to moisturize than the Aloe Vera Hand Cream will be perfect. Super lightweight and non sticky giving your skin much needed softness all the while helping to nourish and look in moisture. Giving you the same uplifting fragrance as the mist.

aloe vera mist jurlique

This next pampering product was a treat not only for my skin but also for my eyes, it kind of reminded me of ice cream. Super Facialist sent me their Skin Perfecting Primer. Not only does it colour correct but it hydrates at the same time. It arrives in a 100% recyclable packaging, it’s fully Vegan and Vegetarian and looks super fun. You see in this see-through packaging there’s a swirl of pink, green and purple that mixes perfectly when it comes out of the bottle. The green tones down redness, the purple/lavender counteracts sallowness, which is a more grey-ish tone and lastly the pink/peach colour improves dullness. This lovely primer also helps soothe and comfort, hydrate and hold moisture as well as improve skin texture. I believe this is a perfect base to any daily skin routine. On a day where I just want to step out looking fresh this is all I need.

I recently went to a lovely event in the heart of Westbourne Grove, a hop and a skip away from Portobello Road, and here I was introduce to Inlight Beauty and their amazing products. I walked away with a lovely pampering goodie-bag in my hands containing their Lip and Neck Serum, restorative Oil Serums with Rosehip and Argan Oil. All of their products are 100% Organic and the care that is put into creating these products is immense. You could see their passion for their products when with every word spoken.

I can’t pick a favourite as they both truly serve their own amazing purpose, the Neck Serum is now a new favourite step of my skincare. I often forget my neck and it is in turn neglected so by taking a few drops of the serum, warming up with my hands and gently massaging upwards I help to firm, smoothen and tone the skin of that area. And don’t forget to add some to your Décolletage. If you want to take it further why not use a Gua Sha, massaging in the correct way can support your Lymphatic drainage. The second product, which I now carry with me every day, is their Lip Serum. With a lovely blend of natural oils this serum helps plump and protect. It has a small rollerball applicator making it super easy. A little goes a very long way. It has a gentle fragrance which is good, I personally don’t love heavily fragrance lip products. It absorbs quickly without drying out and disappearing, leaving lips feeling nourished and moisturized.


My next pampering product is a beauty tool supporting your skin through the use of LED light Therapy. The Magnitone XO Lights Out LED Tri Colour Cleansing Brush is a delight to use. Simply lather up a bit of your cleanser onto your face and grab the cleansing brush, choose one of three LED light treatments and gently allow the cleansing brush to follow the shape of your face, no need to rub or push, there is a vibrating feature doing this for you. It also has a cover for the charging port allowing you to bring it into the shower with you, my skin feels so soft afterwards. I love it!

The three lights give different treatments:

Red: Improves firmness and can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles ( my most used choice )
Yellow: Stimulates blood flow and helps reduce inflammation.
Blue: Reduces activity of oil production and helps decongest your skin, treating spots and breakouts.

primeadine original

The last product I have trialled helps you from within, I received two bottles from Oxford Health Span containing amazing supplement tablets. They will support in hair growth for both hair and lashes and eyebrows due to the Spermidine ingredient allowing the follicles to stay in the growth phase for longer. It supports healthy ageing such as improving memory cognition and heart health. Primeadine also supports a regular sleep pattern and gives a deeper more solid sleep avoiding sleep disruption. And lastly but absolutely not least it supports cell renewal and cellular clean up. Which is the foundation of your entire self functioning properly.

At first glance the name Spermadine might make you wonder but this is a very natural ingredient made from concentrated wheat germ extract found in many places in nature. Supporting your gut, there’s Maltodextrin which also supports your own gut biomes to produce Spermidine on its own. There is a bit of a way to take these so I suggest to read up and follow instructions, these can also be found on their website. You want this to work as seamlessly as possible for best result. And if you want to you can open the capsules and mix with a smoothie or a chosen cold drink to make it easier. I have however had no problem taking them as a normal pill.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for summer pampering, not only for a healthy inside but also a healthy, happy pampered outside.


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