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Summer Pampering – Happy Hair to Skin

by Lis-Marie Liden

I am no make-up artist, really, I am the farthest thing from it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to dive into new and exciting products to improve this art, especially in summer when you can be a bit more adventurous with colour. My makeup has pretty much looked the same since I first mastered the liquid winged eyeliner, but I tend to add bits and pieces to this canvas. Annabelle Minerals so kindly treated me to some of their products and they did not disappoint.

To begin with I received a collection of Eye Pencils both classic and jumbo in some amazing colours. A classic eye pen is lovely when wanting to spruce up that liner game. A soft pen with strong pigment giving power to that colour of choice doesn’t smudge with wear yet is easy to blend. These pens are made with a blend of natural oils and minerals giving love to your skin at the same time. Moving on to one of my favourite products, the Jumbo pen, this is so versatile, it is basically a mix of a classic eye pen and eyeshadow. Same natural oils inside and soft when applying. Easy to blend in which is important if being used as an eyeshadow. This is a great product to bring if you have to save space as it doubles up in use.

Annabels PencilHaving perfected the base of our eye make up with move on to the mineral Eye Pigment, this is a shimmery very pigmented mineral eye shadow of sorts. And how you apply it will make all the difference, dab it on with your fingers for a little shimmer addition, brush it on for a full evening look. No need of jewellery when wearing these, and why not add some to your cheekbones or chest, show stopping and long wearing. No glitter spillage anywhere. They are also a vegan formula with natural ingredients all kept in a lovely glass pot, so much fun!

Annabels Pigment

Skincare is a constant journey as we age and also with seasons and environmental changes. Starting from within, I have been drinking the ZENii Beauty Glow Collagen, and I am surprised how tasty it is and doing good at the same time. It is the first vegan collagen drink on the UK market and has been praised, I can see why. It’s designed to support hair, skin and nails with its bundle of great ingredients such as amino acids, MSM, Vitamin C, B7, D3 and silica. I have been struggling with hairloss for a while and cannot wait to see what a full course will do.

I also received their Rebalance Day & Night Cream, this is specifically for hormone depleted menopausal skin, helping to boost collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, reduce damage as well as restore. A lovely pump container filled with amazing ingredients all supporting aging stressed skin. Hydration, anti ageing properties and nourishment all in a magic little pot. It absorbs quickly without leaving any residue, and I like that I can use it both day and night. I make sure to massage it gently but thoroughly on both face, jawline and neck for the ultimate treatment. But it doesn’t end there, it can also be used on your hands, our hands seem to often be neglected and this is perfect to keep skin nourished and supported throughout any summer day, I know I’m carrying this with me everywhere.

Continuing to focus on my face, I feel sometimes my days will dictate what needs my face have, if I’m just staying home I won’t need the same support as I would stepping out into summer and the ever consuming pollution and stresses from city life. To give my skin the support it needs Germaine De Capuccini Timexpert Radiance C+ really truly had me covered. Inside this orange container there’s a fresh fragranced rich cream yet not overpowering. Inside there’s Vitamin C and E strengthened with HLG Nanopolymer giving ultimate protection. I have to say the glow I can see instantly after applying is amazing, absorbs quickly and keeps my skin hydrated.

My skin leans towards being very dry in summer so this worked so well for me. I also received the accompanying Illuminating Antioxidant Eye Contour Cream, and this is a game changer. When I have a day where the skin under my eyes look a little dull or I can tell by the lines it’s a little thirsty I instantly grab this. Very little goes a long way so don’t scoop out a coin size. Evens out the skin tone as well and I much prefer a cream than a concealer.

I am proud to say I have been stepping up my gym game a little but with this comes tired muscles and achy body. Gaia Skincare has launched a Straightening Fitness Gel that supports those tired muscles and legs. Doesn’t even have to be after a gym session, if you are on your feet all day this is for you too. Ingredients such as ginger and black pepper will warm up the aching muscles and then the aloe, eucalyptus and spearmint will support the cooling. Together it hits the spot just right. A non sticky formula easy to massage in which will soften your skin at the same time. It is not only for legs and feet however, you can use it for your neck, shoulders, back, stomach pretty much anywhere needed.

Another product from Gaia Skincare that I was intrigued to try was their Awakening Cream Deodorant. I have never used a deodorant in this way and am so surprised. I thought it was going to be thicker and a bit sticky but no, it is a super smooth formula that absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling like velvet. An all natural cream with a soft fragrance, holding tea tree and shea butter. Honestly this was one of those products that took me by surprise in the very best way.

tr fr egyptian jasmine and mandarin elasticizer jar 150ml rgb 1Right, with all this pampering let’s not forget the hair. Care needs to be given top to toe so here we go. Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer will hydrate any hair type, condition, nourish and strengthen all the while not wishing it down and giving a lovely shine. It gives flexibility and bounce which helps reduce breakage. It was designed for Audrey Hepburn, the one and only, to help her over styled hair after weeks on set. Celebrities are using it to this day and why not? Apply the Elasticizer hair mask as a pre shampoo treatment, simply distributing throughout your hair and waiting for 20 minutes before washing your hair as you usually do, or you can use it as an overnight mask for those locks that really need support, deep nourishment and defrizzing. Your hair will thank you and you will see a new summer shine and bounce bringing life back to your hair.

I feel refreshed, strengthened and nourished from top to toe, all ready for summer, so bring it on! Do not forget to check out my other skincare, beauty and wellness guides!


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