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5 Sensational Summer Supplements Brands

by Lorna Oakley

Wellness, it’s the word on everyone’s mind right now and it’s all about starting from the inside out, especially in summer with the heat, pollen and other things bombarding our systems. I’m a massive fan of collagen and supplements and I was totally spoilt with the below, which I tried over the past few weeks.

Purolabs – Biotin Complex Supplements

I was sent the Vitamin D3 and the Magnesium, these are a great combination to take together, and magnesium is especially good for your metabolism when travelling (I’ll touch on this more in a bit). First off though, Vitamin D3 supports immunity in bones and teeth. This also supports your immune system and mood, it’s a powerful two in one high strength D3 plus K2 combination, but the key USP for me is the packaging if I’m honest.

Puro labs 3The flat packaging, rather than the traditional bottle style, means it’s great for packing in your hand luggage or your wash bag when travelling, it slots in between products in your bathroom cabinet or cupboard too. The magnesium supplement I found was really effective. It supports energy, sleep, mood, metabolism and the nervous system with their highly bioavailable, non-buffered magnesium citrate formula. It reduces tiredness and fatigue (perfect for early morning and late-night travels) whilst improving sleep quality and mood, a great combination for long or short haul!

QMS Collagen

Stocked in Harrods amongst other premium retailers, QMS Collagen promises smoother skin and reduced lines. Collagen is a structural protein that occurs naturally in bones and teeth – and especially in the skin. It forms the foundation for the skin and helps keep the tissue firm. Together with elastin, it also makes the skin elastic. As a result, collagen can prevent signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. As we age, the body’s natural collagen synthesis process slows down. This makes it even more important to supply your skin with new collagen and stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin.

QMS Collagen Intravital PlusCollagen skincare is a good way to accomplish that, but nutritional collagen supplements for the skin such as collagen capsules also contribute to a healthy complexion and beauty from within. They contain ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen and vitamins that have a positive impact on the skin. You can nourish your skin with collagen by means of skincare products like creams and serums. In addition, you can take collagen orally in the form of high-quality nutritional collagen supplements. 

The Coenzyme Q10 in their collagen capsules has a positive effect on the skin as well. Besides preventing signs of aging such as wrinkles or pigmentation spots, it makes the skin more elastic and resilient. At the same time, it transforms dull skin to create a beautifully glowing complexion. A definite plus from me!

Kollo Health

Kollo is the the UK’s leading liquid collagen sachet with a power-packing 10g of premium marine collagen, plus added vitamins B and C. Kollo is specially formulated to support whole-body health for both men and women, their sachets are a tasty alternative to the tablet or powder form that I usually use (I’ve been a paid up member of the dairy free collagen creamer by Dose & Co up until this month).

Clinical studies show that taken daily for 12 weeks, Kollo helps to promote healthier skin, hair and nails, while supporting stronger bone, joint and cartilage function. Backed by science Kollo is also officially certified with Informed Sport. That for me is their USP as well as being an incredible product, every athlete knows that what you put into your body can make all the difference – but it’s critical to know that what you’re putting in is safe.

When Kollo was launched, they did so with the knowledge that collagen can provide huge benefits not just to skin health, but to bone, joint and cartilage function.“With joint pain and ligament injury a common risk for athletes everywhere, we were keen to shout from the rooftops about the benefits of taking Kollo daily – but we knew that before we did that, we had to make sure it met the stringent standards demanded by professional sport”. Kollo provide their batch certificates and more.

JS Health Supplements

It’s not all collagen round here either, JS Health kindly sent me their Debloat & Detox, I’ve been buying these for a while now so I can genuinely say how amazing they are. As much as I love bread and certain carbs; they don’t like me! The Detox & Debloat is inspired by a double-benefit approach designed to support occasional bloating, support healthy digestion and which may support normal liver function, designed to care for your confidence and comfort from the inside-out.

The Detox side… Milk Thistle is used in Western herbal tradition to maintain and support natural liver cleansing and detoxification processes. Turmeric may support liver health. Turmeric contains antioxidants, which can protect the body from free radical damage. The Debloat side… Fennel Seed is used in Western herbal tradition to support normal digestion. Milk Thistle and Turmeric may help to support healthy liver and gallbladder function. This once again is also perfect for travelling, especially when you are eating different foods, flying and the general change of scenery; It is an essential.

Super naturalEarth’s Secret

Lastly, who doesn’t crave a good night’s sleep; I find travelling and working in a creative industry is probably not a great combination, I get all the ideas at the weirdest times, does anyone else email themselves when they are awake at 3am? So, as you can imagine, when I was sent the Super Natural Sleep supplement by Earth’s Secret I couldn’t wait to try it.

As seen in Tatler, Vogue and Hello, the award-winning saffron extract with 4 other powerful blends of sleep-inducing botanicals to relax your muscles, quieten the mind, reduce sleep latency and give your body quality sleep. Packed with nutrients like Tart Cherry, natural tryptophan and Melatonin, it enhances the duration and quality of your sleep. Alongside saffron flower, they are a truly natural solution to sleepless nights that actually work.

I’ll be sharing more supplements over the next weeks, there’s so many vegan and natural products that work; it’s easier to find solutions that don’t harm the planet and keep you healthy this summer.


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