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Quickly Getting Your Health Back on Track

by Lis-Marie Liden

I believe we should always strive to be the best we can, but remember to treat ourselves with compassion while reaching of that goal. So as per usual, I trialled products and experiences that I will share with you to help get your health quickly back on track.

My heart as of late hasn’t been the best and I am trying to find ways to alleviate symptoms I am having including stress, lack of sleep and just general balance. My diet is not as great as it could be, I’m very much aware of that. I lack proper nutrition for sure and it’s all down to laziness and my history with food in my case.

Most of all I am very aware that I don’t have enough protein in my diet, so when I was quickly sent two types of Whey Protein from Natural Sports UK I was ready and willing to quickly jump on it. I have used protein powers before so I kind of knew what I was looking at. Natural Sports offers a nice range of Vegan protein products all made in the UK with the finest ingredients, all products are gluten-free, non-GMO and have no herbicides, pesticides or soy.

Ways to quickly jump-start your health-kick

Now I received two products, the Natural Chocolate Whey Protein Powder, which can be mixed into shakes or porridges or however you like, but for me, just 2 scoops blended with water is enough, and the flavour is just perfect. A big misconception is that protein shakes like these are only there to build bulky muscle but in reality, they also help people like me who struggle with their diet and just need a simple way to add protein.

My favourite product from Natural Sports and one that I will stick with is their Clear Whey Protein Powder in the Very Berry flavour. My goodness, if this isn’t the tastiest and best way to get protein in your system I don’t know what is. I have even considered making ice lollies from this in the summer. As mentioned in the name it is a clear protein, so it looks like flavoured water, and it has such a nice fruity flavour. You almost forget that it’s protein powder. It can be mixed in with almost everything for added flavour; yoghurts, desserts or even that morning porridge.

Staying within the realm of proteins and additions to your food. Bioglan Superfoods sent me two sachets of Super Protein that bring a lush amount of vitamins and proteins. Simply sprinkle two tablespoons of this flavourless protein powder into your porridge, shake or yoghurt or why not just add it to your cooking? For me, I was most interested in the Hormonal Balance and Energy Protein and am using it as often as I can in my daily routine. It has never been easier. I also received their Digestive Boost which is so important to give that support to your digestion and maintain a healthy immune system. Each serving contains 500 million live cultures and inulin as well as ginger, turmeric calcium and many more gorgeous ingredients all boasting your well-being from the inside, they say good health comes from your stomach.

BioGaia continues to allow me to take care of my gut even further with their chewable Probiotics, I received two kinds from them, the BioGaia Gastrus dietary probiotic supplement with 200 million live bacteria all in one little chewable tablet. Gluten-free, lactose-free and milk free and so easy to just take on the go. The second one is the BioGaia Protectis D+ still a chewable probiotic supplement but with an extra high dose of Vitamin D, supporting your gut and your immune system and this one has a hint of orange flavour.

Now that we have protein and probiotics under control we might need inspiration to maintain this healthier lifestyle and help with workout routines, meditation sessions and meal-making. I was invited to try the KIC app. KIC is short for Keep It Cleaner, and here you will quickly find inspiration in all areas imaginable for your well-being.  If you need help to stick to your exercise they have classes of almost any kind you can think of that will fit any schedule, even over your lunch break. Need help with meal inspiration?

KIC have got your back, recipes for any meal of the day as well as meal preps which I find super helpful when trying to maintain a healthy diet. The app interface is clean, warm and welcoming. You have a page where you will also be allowed to quickly meet all the trainers and experts making it just a bit more personal I feel.  This morning for instance I listened to the Body Positive Affirmation with Laura. Something like this is so important and without making it sound small, so easy. I struggle with my body image so this was so helpful and truly perspective-giving. And at no more than three minutes of your time. “ I am beautiful, I am strong, I am loved” and then I am quickly ready for my day.

The KIC app allows you to quickly track your progress and to plan your journey. You have a shopping list option, an inspirational blog and podcasts all in this app that greet you with a flirty smiley face each time. Because it’s on your phone you have support wherever you go. Bring it to work, on your travels, to the gym for more inspiration or just use it in the comfort of your home. As well as co-founding a great app and platform Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith has also written a book called “You Take Care” holding lessons in looking after yourself no matter who you are. I cannot recommend them enough!

So many amazing helpful health items and apps, but we can’t forget our sleep. I don’t necessarily struggle to fall asleep, I sometimes struggle to stay awake later than 10 pm, but I don’t have the deepest sleep. Essential oils have long been known to help, but there are so many different ways they come in.

I have had the pleasure to try The Apothecary Sleep Set from Anatomē, a lovely natural holistic wellness brand. In this set, you’ll find four essential oils in the shape of rollerballs. Expertly blended with stunning ingredients. Not only do they support sleep they also help you wind down, quickly de-stress both your mind and body and just relax. Out of the four my favourites are Recovery + Sleep Lavender Oil and the Recovery + Sleep Japanese Seaweed. Simply apply on your sensory points, earlobes, back of the neck, shoulders, chest and even under your feet, just remember to tiptoe if just applied.

Continuing to chase that effortless undisturbed sleep I also received two products from Made By Coopers. The Sleepy Head Sleep Balm had me very intrigued, it comes in a sweet glass jar, and once you open it you are met with a lovely fragrance. Ingredients found inside include Lavender, Hemp, Mango Butter, Frankincense and Candelilla Wax. All of which have amazing properties of their own but together makes up this lovely balm.

Simply scoop out a small amount and apply. It can be applied on your temples, wrists, neck, anywhere you have dry skin, feet and my favourite, your hands. Apply to your hands and cup your hands over your nose and take deep breaths. This is so calming. Such a lovely products that is vegan, cruelty free and holds no parabens.

They also sent me their Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray, now I a big fan of this too! I spray it on my pillow but also all around my bed for the best effect. Organic Lavender blended with Camomile and Frankincense, I mean, you can almost smell that through the screen right? Lush! A gorgeous spray allowing you to unwind, de-stress and quickly find a peaceful rest. No need to count sheep for me.

I now feel like I have a great foundation to this healthier new year, I have a plan to really take care of myself. We often neglect simple things and in the long run this can really affect us. We need to remember that we only have one body and mind, and that we need to care and nourish our entire selves as best we can. And the above health products all quickly help to do just this!

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