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Sunscreen Guide: The 5 Best Products

From SPF to Self Tan

by Lis-Marie Liden

Finally, the Summer sunshine has come back for a dance! And if you are anything like me you are out there at dawn to catch those much-missed rays. Long gone are the days when I would worship the sun on my lounger dousing myself with water to amplify my tan. I have had three moles removed after they looked a little malicious and I have the scars to prove it. I was lucky as it could’ve been much worse of course. Since then I always use sunscreen on my face and body. And yes, you can still get a tan, just a healthier one.

We often forget however that the sun’s rays are harmful all year around and some rays even find their way through glass windows. So add sunscreen to your daily routine no matter what it looks like. Also as much as your foundation promises to have SPF15 in it, it is in fact much less potent than that so don’t fall for this trap. I would say the minimum one should have SPF wise is 30 and it is so very important to re-apply preferably every two hours in sunnier months. We sweat, we rub our face, we swim and all this contributes to the sunscreen disappearing, so it is not enough to just add some in the morning and forget all about it thought the day.

And did you know that one of the biggest factors to premature aging and fine lines is in fact sun damage. But also let’s not forget skin cancer. This is a real thing and it can sadly happen to anyone. Wear suncare and have you moles checked people. But fear not as I have trialled some amazing Self Tan, After Sun and SPF products that I want to share with you.

Athletia Sunscreen

A brand that I have worked with before and really like is Athletia, and their Active & Go collection has us covered. They have two lovely skin protection products that I have had the pleasure of trying out, UV Cream or UV Gel in SPF50 or SPF30. I can say from trying them both that for my lifestyle and preference the UV gel is absolutely amazing, the cream is equally good but feels a bit heavier on my skin. Their UV Gel is light on the skin and feels like barely nothing. I don’t like the feeling of a thick cream on my skin so the UV Gel is lovely. And after my Moroccan holiday I can tell you it is a very efficient sunscreen. I might have applied it a bit unevenly and it looked like body art. So I could definitely tell it was working its safeguarding magic. Athletia is a lovely environmentally conscious company so we know they have produced these products in a planet friendly way.

Green People Sunscreen

If you want to stay light and perhaps fragrance free then Green People has the perfect product. Their Scent-Free Facial SPF15 Sun Cream is smooth to the touch after applying and as mentioned scent free. It holds Aloe Vera and is prebiotic enriched to help sooth and balance your skin all the while protecting from both UVA and UVB rays. Keep in mind though that SPF15 is a medium protection so if needed you can go higher. Also many times when using sunscreen I feel like they leave this white layer and it gets worse the more you massage it in to your skin. This doesn’t happen here which is a plus, also this product is great when adding under your makeup for that daily routine.

Rexaline Sunscreen

Aging is shown on our face early on, it’s always subjected to the elements, Rexaline Crystal Bright Fluid with SPF50+ is a lovely product to give the ultimate protection against the harmful sun-rays but also whilst giving you a mattifying effect, perfect as a makeup base. Rexaline has Hyaluronic Acid for a smoothing and plumping effect, 3 Bright active ingredients to even out complexion and brighten up the skin and like a cherry on top there’s also a anti pollution shield ingredient, the ultimate product for your face wouldn’t you say? And it is a small enough package to fit in your bag for that retouch throughout the day.

Soleil Spray SFP 30RoC Soleil Sunscreen

Are you a person that prefers a spray lotion? Sometimes I do, it’s the ease of it I suppose. RoC sent me two products to try out, their RoC Soleil Protect Moisturising Spray Lotion with a high sun protection of SPF30. Non greasy and easy to apply on the go leaving your skin protected while feeling velvety soft. After you have had your day in the sun beautifully protected RoC also offers you a lovely After Sun Refreshing skin restoring milk. It helps repair skin damage from the sun, helps cool you down and hydrate, smoothen, firm and preserve that tan for longer. A little product goes a long way for this product so no need to go for several pumps per limb.

The Organic Pharmacy Sunscreen

My last two products are from The Organic Pharmacy, I have always liked their products and after these two I’m still a big fan. Starting out with our protection we have their Cellular Protection Sunscreen holding a lush SPF50 for both face and body. They give great instructions on the package to really remind you of the important of sunscreen. Hydrating and great hydrating properties suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Filled with lovely ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Zinc and Calendula. I didn’t know that some sunscreens can hold ingredients harmful to coral, The Organic Pharmacy’s sunscreens only have natural minerals, so we can safely swim in our lovely oceans knowing we are not adding more harm.

I tend to personally have 50SPF on my face always, and sometimes it takes longer to get that lovely tan going. But my trick now is to use the Self Tan Autobronzant from The Organic Pharmacy, I apply this every two days and it gives the most amazing gradual and natural looking tan. How I lived before without this I don’t know. 100% natural, clean and toxin free. It blends in so easily and doesn’t leave your skin greasy. The good part as well is that you are left with a lovely glow which to me means I can ditch my foundation all together and allow my skin to just be.

Enjoy the coming summer and the much missed sunshine safely, remember, always wear sunscreen and worst case scenario if the sunburn is a bit bad, use aftersun.


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