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Tricks for Coping with the Menopause Part 2

by Yemi Edwards

Like I said with all of my articles, and in Part I, these are just tricks to make the experience a little smoother; this is informative and should not be used as a replacement for anything your professional practitioner has prescribed. Please don’t use everything at the same time.

Always check to make sure supplements are suitable for your medical lifestyle. I am not a doctor and I am learning about these products and do not have any expertise about the products I will be showing you. Agreed? Great, let’s start the journey.

From the Top:

Tricks for hair

Lately, I have noticed my hair becoming thinner and breaking a lot more easily than before. This is the hormonal imbalance taking effect. GLOWWA is a vegan and gluten-free hair food supplement that contains Niacin, Biotin, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Vitamin C.

The tablets taken daily help with growth, reduce shedding and balance scalp hydration. It also won Best Hair Growth Product 2022. Continuing with other suggestions, I know it was the emotional me, but I loved the packaging of the SIMONE THOMAS WELLNESS supplements. The Ginkgo Hair Care Plan includes Ginkgo Biloba B+, Super Greens & Everyday Wellness capsules. The capsules support stress-related hair loss and much more including the next destination on the map!

Helping brain function

There are a few items that I have found that relate to brain function and more. For example, this next product supports women’s hormones, brain function, nervous system and energy.

I know that when I am going through a “moment”, I really cannot concentrate. I feel on edge or absent-minded. The supplement MENO ACTIVE has been recommended due to its having 31 active ingredients to support women during perimenopause and menopause. See also, FEMALE HORMONE SUPPORT BY REJUVENATED, this supplement helps with premenopausal and menopausal issues including the dreaded mood swings. 

One thing I didn’t realise was changing due to being in transition to menopause was I was no longer as sexually stimulated as I had been in the past. I put it down to the stresses of being a stay-at-home mom homeschooling. So when I was researching and noticed the line “Supports natural libido and sexual desire” in the Rejuvenated Capsules description, I had that OH moment.

No, not that “O” moment! But now I know that the stage in life is what was keeping me from thinking about the act. I was delighted! I mean I was delighted that it wasn’t permanent or had to do with a lifestyle that I was not able to change for the near future. It was just my body needing a bit of a reminder that it’s still a woman!

Then I saw this. Wait, I know I am going from head to toe and I seem to have skipped a few places in between, but not to worry, the next supplement also supports mental function. Plus, I have so many discoveries, I will need to do part 3 and possibly a 4, thankfully, because there are things out there for us women in that in-between stage to help us feel normal.

Going back to SEX. The next product, I admit, as soon as I saw the name and the description, I couldn’t wait to tear it open and give it a try. I can confirm that within a week, Yemi was getting her groove back! I will say that my sensual thought process seemed to be more heightened than the week and months before. Even the hubby was a bit surprised with my tactile approaches.

Yes, I felt more aroused and more affectionate, despite my stress at home! The product I am talking about is called THE GODDESS ELIXIR I mean….and the description includes phrases like “Experience the empowerment of menopause”, “Revitalise your core feminine from the inside” “Replenish your passion for life” and “Take just 2 capsules daily to enjoy the vibrant, fulfilling life you long for” Yep I am sold! I was surprised at how quickly it seemed to work for me. I am happy!

I have another product that partners with this jar or joyless. Another symptom of women new to the menopause transition is vaginal dryness. It’s annoying, and unpleasant and adds to the lack of sexual arousal. It’s not exactly something you would want to talk about with your partner.

But I didn’t know it was my hormones shutting me down. I just thought it was me. This next product helps in general health or sexual health, depending on what mood you are currently in! REPLENS VAGINAL MOISTURISER replenishes moisture, rejuvenates dry cells and helps supplement the natural lubrication. Using the applicator insert the correct amount inside the vagina and it is hormone free.

Right, if you are still with me, we must get back on track with the route of the body . . .

The face

I have eczema and I have been quite lucky that my face has not had a painful breakout for many years. I also have vitiligo. This is more apparent in the summer months. My skin condition is not too bad, but I have noticed more dryness and a few more ‘pimples’ even though I don’t usually wear makeup.

Lo and behold, the hormonal imbalance is the cause of the dryness and the mini pimple breakouts. VIVE is specially designed for “hormonal” skin changes. The CBD Tri-Active range nourishes and protects the skin using CBD, Niacinamide and Zinc Oxide. The DEEP RESTORE RITUAL contains a concentrated recovery serum, a day cream and a night cream. I found the creams, light and not greasy and the aroma very pleasing.


Bloating is a very recognised symptom of most female hormonal changes. WILD DOSE contains digestive enzymes, herbs, and probiotics to help relieve the gassy and bloating stages. All natural and it does work quite quickly. I have given this to my teen daughter who is new to the menstrual cycle. She noticed the relief and now we have to share the boxes!

Inside-out and joint health

THE BETTER YOU MENOPAUSE BUNDLE comes with Vitamin B Complex, D3 & K2 and Magnesium. I have pernicious anaemia and have occasions of low Vit D. I have to inject B12 every few months because my body cannot break it down from foods and pills.

I have used the Better You brand in the past when I couldn’t get a nurse appointment for an injection and even though it is not as intense as an injection, it did help during the week I had to wait. The B complex and Vit D sprays are used to support the immune system, lift moods and tackle fatigue. The third item that is part of the bundle I will discuss a bit later.

Still working from the inside out the next two products support our bones and cartilage that takes a hit with the hormonal changes now and ahead.

GOPO® JOINT HEALTH RANGE is made with 100% Rosehip and GOPO. Here is the science blurb, I’m relaying this info to you because before I knew what it was I didn’t realize how beneficial it is.

When a joint is inflamed, some white blood cells are involved in the inflammatory process by cleaning the joint. In large numbers, these cells release toxic free radicals which further damage the joints. The more inflamed the joint becomes, the more white blood cells are attracted to it. Extensive research indicates that GOPO discourages large numbers of white blood cells from accumulating around inflamed tissue while slowing down the production of free radicals, therefore breaking the vicious cycle of inflammation, improving joint health and alleviating pain– GOPO is a galactolipid (fatty acid) that is found in Rosehips. ” – google search.

For women who are well into menopause, there is a supplement to help support healthy bone tissue. BONEBALANCE uses Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP) to stimulate the bone cells by:

  • Signalling the osteoblasts (bone-building cells) into action
  • Reducing the activity of the osteoclasts (bone breakdown cells)
  • Slowing down the action of bone degenerating enzymes (proteases)
  • Increasing the rate of bone mineralisation to speed up the bone formation process

Sudden hot flashes and relaxation

Menthoderm® is advertised as a healing cream for dry itchy skin, but it seems to also act as an instant burst of coolness for those “moments”. I tried it. It is cooling. If you like the smell of menthol then this is your go-to. Sometimes that minty scent curbs the nausea feeling that creeps up once in a while. We are coming to the end of the first instalment of the route map to menopausal comfort. The last two places involve the mind and winding down. I have put this at the end because it is about relaxing and finishing the day.

Earlier I spoke about The Better You Menopause bundle. This included three elements. The third element is the Magnesium Sleep Lotion. This lotion relaxes your muscles and your mind to help with more sleep. The Magnesium used helps promote overall well-being and relaxation.

The aromas are soothing and it is also non-greasy or sticky upon application. The final product is to also help with sleep. The Herbtender Doze and Dream Sleep supplements. These supplements are made with Ashwagandha, Reishi, Chamomile, Nutmeg and Passionflower. The supplements are to help keep you asleep so you feel refreshed the next day!

I hope the information so far has helped you feel like you are not alone. I look forward to sharing the rest of my findings with you very soon!


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