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Wellness out of Lockdown

by Lis-Marie Liden

I have been finding it hard to get grounded after being back at work full-time, finding it hard to focus on what I need to do to get there, I’m afraid to say it out loud but lockdown really helped me focus on my self-care, silver linings right? But nonetheless here we are, we need to get back to normal life and with that comes the daily hustle and bustle. Luckily I have been treated to some products and online platforms to help me as much as possible find wellness after lockdown. I have a lot of plates spinning and sometimes it might feel a little overwhelming, but there are things we can to do to help in times like this.

Sarah O’Keefe has created a gorgeous pair of rescue remedies, this is a collaboration with Saskia Marjoram, formerly the Prince of Wales florist, she has also been creating essences for almost 20 years. She has a strong feeling that natural remedies are really finding their footing much more now with the importance of mental health being so in focus. The one that stood out to me the most and most likely was what I needed the most was the F*** Fear. Simply place 7 drops under your tongue when needed, this will help you tread calmer into what your day has to bring. This essence is filled with gorgeous flower power to give you that strength. I also tried the Feel the Love essence and yes it will help you to get in the mood for some TLC, it will boost your playfulness, help you feel connected to yourself, others and your surroundings. But more importantly it will help you feel and accept love and allow yourself to be loved.

Once I grounded myself I’m ready to get my body moving, and I have been invited to try some ballet, how fun! I have always admired the art of ballet and if it wasn’t for my two left feet, who knows, maybe it would’ve been part of my journey. But even so, there is a platform where you can try out ballet, the fitness around it, the strengthening of your body and all of this online from the comfort of your home. Ballet Fusion is the place to be. There are classes for all levels, for all purposes. You will find classes on demand, live stream and even private classes. Whether you want to try a 60 minute starting at the barre all the way to classic ballet or if you want a mini mindful stretch, it’s all there.

I decided to try the Beginners Ballet, basics are important. All movements are shown in great detail and with time for you to be able to do it correctly. And no, you do not have to own your own barre, a chair will do, but should you want to invest, they have an online shop. After the barre we are moved to the centre of our space to really work on the balance, and my goodness, it is not as easy as it might seem. I had aching muscles for sure after this session and can only imagine it would have felt worse had it not been for the amazing stretching on the mat afterwards. Ballet Fusion was created by Rhea Sheedy and it’s a place for everyone to try ballet no matter what level, it’s an environment that’s friendly and welcoming. 

After having done my ballet it was time move onto my beauty routine. There is an item that I have seen flashing by on various browsing sessions and I’m so excited to have been allowed to try it. It’s a face LED mask, and this one is from SwearBySkin and is called Looklit. This is a 3-in-1 LED light mask and will help improve your skin. It has three areas of treatments, I mean your skin will go through a journey, breakouts or pigmentation. I know I struggle with both. There’s a button on the side which is where you start your mask up and choose which treatment you want. Red is for Anti-Ageing and helps to boost collagen and elastin, firms and smoothes out. Blue is for Anti-Acne, treats spots at the source, helps reduce oils and bacteria and fleas blemishes. Yellow is for Anti-Pigmentation, it helps reduce redness and pigmentation, helps boost cell production and boosts lymphatic flow and removes toxins. All it takes is 10 minutes out of your day, it stops automatically. Can’t get any easier than this and I am using mine 3 times per week, wear it while you do something else, just be mindful of your mask. 

Now that I have prepared my skin with my LED treatment I move on to treat my skin with the Gaia&Vie Nourish almond blend face oil, one of their best sellers. The nourish oil is designed to do just that, nourish your dry and sensitive skin in a gentle way. It’s filled with gorgeous ingredients; retinol to help reduce fine lines, improve complexion and skin tone. It’s a completely natural moisturiser, holding a great amount of antioxidants and Vitamin E that reduces wrinkles and support elasticity. It’s so easy to just add after cleansing and to know that my skin is taken care of. Gaia&Vie is a 100% ethical and sustainable brand, packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials. One thing that really made me smile, a small detail and not necessarily part of the product but definitely part of the experience. When you receive your product it’s accompanied by a sweet Thank You card that can be planted and allow seedlings to grow! I mean if my fingers were any shade of green I would plant it straight away. But before I have the skill to keep my sweet seedlings alive and thriving I will keep my card safe.

With these few things I have found wellness after lockdown and I am ready for another week whatever it may bring.

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