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It might just be my personal experience, but I am definitely a fan of mineral makeup. Not only do I choose to use it for the benefits of its content, but I just think it feels better than all these liquid products that can look like a colored mask if you have the wrong shade!

Bare Faced Beauty offers a wide range of mineral makeup and I had the pleasure to try some out. These products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free with International Leaping Bunny approval – which is something becoming more and more coveted by brands these days as customers try to purchase ethically produced products.

I started with the foundation, an alcohol-free, chemical-free and dye-free product. Already at the point of reading the ingredients, I knew it was something for me. You have the choice of using a smaller amount of foundation for that sheer cover or a heavier amount for more coverage but it still looks natural as it blends in beautifully with the help of the very soft Kabuki brush, specially processed to work with fine powders. This brush is a must when using these products. My medium to fair Scandinavian skin looked best in the Honest shade in the collection.

There is a twist to this mineral foundation – you can actually add a little water and blend it together and then use it as a liquid foundation. If you have dry skin, you can even add some moisturiser instead of water, so it works for everyone. Top it off with the Mineral Finishing Powder to keep any oil away and to reduce the appearance of any spots or imperfections.

Then we want to add the colour pops to the makeup! Let’s start with the blusher, this one is high density, made with the very finest quality ingredients out there! It gives your cheeks that perfect colour pop.

The eyes need attention too, so I tried the Mineral Eye Shadow in the shade of Imperial Topaz and it goes perfectly with my brown eyes. Why not try using it as an eyeliner with an angled brush? If you’re going out for the evening, then add a little of the Mineral Shimmer to give that fabulous twinkle.

And don’t forget to add a beautiful Natural Luscious Lip Gloss as the cherry on the cake to this perfect Mineral Make Up collection, a lipgloss that is long lasting and gives you perfectly soft lips, just as nature intended.

Visit their website here: Barefaced Beauty.



  • Lis-Marie Liden

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