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Hormones and Stress

by Lis-Marie Liden

If you are a woman of a certain age you’ll know all about those little monsters called hormones. Maybe you’re the lucky one and they haven’t caused havoc on your body yet or maybe like me hormones have all but taken over all control. It all started in my early 30’s when after much confusion, discomfort and palpable fear I went to a doctor who finally felt it warranted an ultrasound, enter the Myomas. I was told there were ways to aid symptoms, and keep it all slightly under check, hello Mirena coil from hell. It stopped the myomas, we think, but it also made my body store water and fat like I was going into dire times!

I would joke that I would gain weight from just breathing because my diet and activity had not changed. I did more than 15,000 steps each and every single tedious day and boxing on the side of that. And still I gained weight. And only on my belly. After people asking me when I was due and even one woman resting her hand on my belly, I’d had enough. Hormones, hormones did that, they were unbalanced and they weren’t happy. So I decided to take that little thing out of my body and retake the control I have long missed.

But something that can happen when it’s removed is that you get a hormonal crash, so that’s another fight on my hands. Luckily I have the best of connections so I was blessed with an array of supplements and superfoods to help with all my hormonal balance needs as well as general female and gutheath to share with you.

The first brand is one that I have seen before but never had the pleasure to trial, it’s Vitl. They sent me a stunning bundle ranging from Women’s Multivitamin, Vitamin D and Omega 3. Not only will these help me with my hormonal issues but also with joint health. The first supplement I started with was the Female Multivitamin which is a daily capsule filled with vitamins and minerals tailored for the female body. Giving energy and supporting healthy metabolism, and more importantly helping to regulate hormonal activity, that was exactly what I was after. I can definitely feel my energy levels are higher but I think I will have to continue taking them to get my hormones in check.

I also received the Vitamin D pocket pack, this is a perfect sized little tin, fits in any bag, believe me I know. So there’s no excuse to not be taking your Vitamin D. Especially during the winter period when it’s dark and we need that extra boost of “sunshine”. It supports your immunity, bone health and your teeth as well as your muscle, how great is that? They are also vegan and easy to swallow softgels. And lastly but absolutely not least I received Omega 3 pocket pack, these little softgels will support a healthy heart, brain, blood pressure as well as liver and vision. So much goodness in such a small pocket pack. These softgels are filled with highly absorbable krill oil, a great source of essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Vitl is amazing in the way that you can fully customise your supplements and vitamins to your individual needs and wants so well worth checking out.

Our body changes with our environment and lifestyle, if you’re stressed it will impact your inner self, your diet impacts it as well. So sometimes we just need to soothe and help minimise inflammation that occurs. Inessa treated me to their Biosoothe capsules that support inflammatory responses, aches and pains and aids in exercise recovery, in full these help you live as optimal as you can. These capsules are filled with lush ingredients such as Liposomal Turmeric, Boswellia and Vitamin D amongst many more. These are delayed-release capsules which means the active ingredients are able to reach the stomach in an optimal state. I am excited to see what these will do to my body and if they might even help my inflammation all over.

Then I went on to Higher Nature, they sent me concentrated whole fruit Cranberry capsules which are great for over all health and helps if you suffer from UTI’s on a regular basis. Filled with lush antioxidants and because they are whole fruits this means these capsules contains skin, seeds and juice as well as fibre for complete support. Vitamin B is important for so many reasons, it helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, aids mental performance, supports the nervous system and for women in particular aids in folic acid production which some women sometimes run low of, I myself had issues years back with this. Vitamin B also supports healthy red blood cell formation and skin health, but most of all it helps with energy and restoration. Higher Nature has a High Strength B Complex filled with a complete vitamin formula, sure to support your body and help balance it. The third and last item I received from Higher Nature is probably the one I’m most hopeful for; the Pro Woman Intimate Support. Our bodies are filled with live bacteria, maybe more known as the Microbiome, said to be the cornerstones of good health. Each capsule holds over 15 billion live organisms. Vitamin B6 to help regulate those testy hormones as well as support the immune system, Biotin supporting healthy mucous membranes for “down there”, but these also support a healthy urinary system. Any woman at any stage in her life can take these and hopefully benefit from them, and they’re a perfect match with my Cranberry capsules. I am so hoping these will help regulate my hormones and hopefully get me back on track.

OK so we have tested a bunch of lovely supplements but let us move over to some superfoods. Hux so kindly treated me to their Superfood Blend. This is a super greens drink with a hint of vanilla but greener if that even makes sense. It has a very fresh flavour. Hux helps support brain function, immunity, bosses energy supports skin, teeth and bone, helps maintain muscle and supports gastrointestinal health. You simply add one scoop to water or why not a smoothie then stir or shake and drink it. It’s such a lovely start to your day knowing you’re adding this goodness thus setting a great foundation for the rest of the day. Inside you’ll find 17 greens, fruits and vegetables plus Amino acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Magnesium, now who wouldn’t want this? It’s become my new “first thing in the morning” instead of coffee. Those who know me well might have just spat out their drink in shock (P.S. I LOVE coffee).

Another drink to add to your pantry is Jin Jin Natural Enzyme Cordial, a fermented drink made from 35 different fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and cultures. Giving such great bacteria and complex enzymes to your body to support your immune system and keep your gut healthy and happy. This is a treat! Prepare your glass with some ice add your Jin Jin and sparkling water or even to a smoothie, no excuse there’s a way for everyone to enjoy it and reap its benefits.

Cannabotech, The Botanical Pharmacy gave me two products to try, Beat Drops and Relax Drops, which support the two parts of your day, kind of. Beat Drops support a healthy heart and immune system, so important when out and about, these drops contains high quality mushrooms and oyster as well as premium CBD. Each ingredient have such amazing benefits especially with how our lifestyles look now, a lot of screen time, maybe working from home or staying up late binge watching the newest hot series. Simply place 15-30 drops under your tongue twice a day to receive the benefits of this product. I like that it’s super convenient, it fits in your bag and you can take it with you wherever you go so you remember to support your body and mind.

So we’ve had a long days work and need support to relax and wind down, Cannabotechs Relax Drops to the rescue! Same idea, you simply place preferred amount of drops under your tongue and allow the goodness to happen. The relax drops help aid the nervous system, supports digestive disorders, slightly sedates when you’re anxious and helps you feel less restless. I suffer from anxiety often when trying to go to bed, my mind starts running a scenarios reel and make believe, so this product was of particular interest to me. The ingredients in these drops helps the CBD to balance stress levels and to regulate the sleep/wake cycles. I definitely felt calmer, and I’m happy to have something to help calm my mind and support a better night sleep.

So if you struggle with giving your body the vitamins and support it needs, whether it be to help combat hormonal responses or stress, I hope you’ll be inspired to find a supplement or superfood that works for you and to give your body what it needs to help you thrive.

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