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New Year Beauty and Fragrance

by Lis-Marie Liden

New year new lockdown, so here I am again looking for new beauty and wellness solutions for you . . .

As you know from my previous articles I will never shy away from a fragrance journey and boy have I tried a gem out for us! This was fun and so innovative. I have always dreamt of being allowed to create my very own fragrance, but training is needed. However with a bit of guidance of how many parts of each layer goes where and when you can now learn with the Experimental Perfume Club.

I received a kit with three layers, Bergamot Incense, Jasmine Osmanthus and Sandalwood Musk. A soon as I saw the notes I knew it was my kind of fragrance. Also in this perfect box you will find a pipette and an empty vial for your future fragrance. The box is cleverly made in the way where they have two little holes to keep each vile safe while you work on mixing your scent.

In my box there was also a recipe, of sorts, giving me guidelines on how to create a fragrance called Red Hot Wood, it tells me exactly how many parts of each I need and, off I went. Such a gorgeous spicy and warm fragrance. I have been wearing it proudly knowing I mixed it myself.

The Experimental Perfume Club also offers workshops and online courses. You can even bring your work team and do it as a fun experience. I was given a creation set trio, this is a set that you can build on and add to and in turn create so many one of a kind personal fragrances. Isn’t it amazing? 

More and more I’m getting into my inner harmony and grounding and after reading a little bit about Africology and the story behind it, I was intrigued to try their products. Created by Renchia Droganis who had seen the pain and turbulent past of South Africa, with her knowledge within so many areas she set out to spread harmony and healing where it was much needed.

I received a gorgeous box filled with treats for both body and mind. For my face and body I received the Face and Body Hydration Bio-Therapy balm and the Neroli Body Balm. The texture is absolutely lush and the fragrance is so fresh. Both made with Marula, African Potato, Rooibos and Aloe Vera, all natural ingredients. 

I also received two sachets with essential oils for different purposes. A moisturiser for my face which was easy to apply and absorbed by my thirsty skin quickly only leaving my face soft and happy. On days where my skin wasn’t feeling top notch I also had a Marula Skin Conditioning Body oil, I used this more for my body and massaged it in on areas of need. It really softened and calmed my skin. But my favourite product in this bundle is the Pillow and Linen spray. You can spray this wherever you need it in your home, curtains, throws or as for me, my pillow. This spray is charged with crystals to purify the air and create positive energy in your home. It is made from pure plant extracts and essential oils. I have been spraying my pillow with this every night and I do believe I have a more peaceful sleep.

Ever since the first time I was allowed to try the amazing products by Dr Levy I was sold! I swear by these products and have seen how amazing they are. I’m personally squeezing out the very last drops from my Booster Serum and Enriched booster cream. You only need very little product to go along way, so that’s good.

But this time around I was sent the Stem cell miracle reboot cure package. It holds my favourite products and a few more. It’s in a perfect travel size so I can stay on top of my routine while travelling, in the future when we are allowed to move around as per our usual amazing lives.

Dr Phillip Levy is number one in the field of Botox in Switzerland, he has designed these amazing products that within 2 months of regular use will transform your skin by activating your dermal stem cells, which is the source of our  skin’s collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acids.

In this perfect purse sized box you will find, Booster Serum, Eye Booster Concentrate, Enriched Booster Cream, décolletage Regenerating silk, the R3 Cell Matrix Mask and the 3deep Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser.

I’m going to go through these as if you and I are having a virtual spa day step by step, we have to move with the times am I right?

First we cleanse and prime with the 3Deep Cleanser; massage in thoroughly and leave to work some magic for a couple of minutes. We then apply our Booster serum and our Eye Booster Concentrate, these are my favourites. The trick is to wait for a “sticky minute” before then moving on to the enriched Booster Cream, this soothes my face so beautiful but also makes it feel slightly plumper. And for that important and not to forget about décolletage apply the Regenerating Silk, this can also be applied around the eye area to create a matte finish.

If you have an event or an important zoom call where you want to impress, add the R3 Cell Matrix Mask for instance under eyes, frown line area or forehead, leave there for 20 minutes or as long as you want and you will see how it really does smoothen out those areas. It’s amazing, I kid you not. I don’t use the mask every day but you can if you want to just apply it after the “sticky minute” before the cream.

I love to try new, interesting and beautiful products like these, we need to give ourselves some pampering more often than I’m sure most of us do. It’s important to treat ourselves especially as our mental health suffers with each new lockdown!


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