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Summer Beauty Part Two

by Lis-Marie Liden

There is no rest for the wicked or the ones working hard on their own wellbeing regime. I have some new products to tell you about to get summer ready and they will range from skincare to general wellness.

The first brand is one that I swear by as I have had the pleasure to trial their products before, I am talking about Pietro Simone, and this time around it was time for body care. I am not very good at keeping the same focus on my entire body when it comes to creams and scrubs. I honestly don’t know why, seems like common sense when I really think about it. I received the Imperfection Body Diminisher, an exfoliator helping to reduce blemishes and improve texture. I was intrigued. It’s not one of the exfoliators with little pebbles inside and you rub away, it’s a very watery like texture and you simply massage a few pumps of it to wanted areas and let it sit for a few minutes, the more you get used to using this the longer it can sit. It can feel tingly and look a little reddish but the end result is undeniable. My skin felt super soft, my skin felt soothed and rebalanced. Use once a week for amazing results. This is part of the Fierce collection by Pietro Simone which I highly recommend investing in. You won’t regret it.

MOAM Organics

Let’s stay in the shower shall we, I had not heard about MOAM Organics until now, but it is definitely a brand I keep in mind when renewing my body lotion and body wash. You see they have a great sustainable way about them, I received a set of empty refill bottles thinking “well this is a very light product” this was until I saw the Organic Body Lotion and Body set was in refill bags. Once you have your bottles all you need to do is to buy the refills when it’s time to refill and off you go! I wasn’t able to go to abroad this year but the fragrance of my set kinda transported me there anyway, enter Santorini. Such a fresh lush fragrance definitely bringing you to deep blue waters. MOAM products are 99% nature ingredients, important when using on your skin for sure. The products are also vegan and all made in the UK. I really love this idea of refilling your bottles because we waste so much packaging in our lives and it has to stop. All of MOAM’s packaging is biodegradable and safe for aquatic life, they have products ranging from body and hair all the way to laundry, all refillable.

One of my new favourites on the shelf is my trio of products from Naya, I received the Everyday range containing a Cleansing Oil, Day cream and a Face oil. The products are very light but very moisturising. I have always been a little weary of oils on my skin mostly from misconception. And I truly cannot see a day without using it now. I will cleanse my face with the Cleansing oil, simply massaging into my skin, mixing with water which turns it into a milkier substance, I then put on my Day cream, a very light cream leaving no residue. And then I go on to adding 3-4 drops on my hands, and then I simply very gently press my palms on my face. No rubbing just placing it there. It’s non sticky and so caring. I am prone to dry itchy skin and can truly say this has helped me so much. Naya’s products are ethically sourced delivering highly potent concentrations of plant actress. There is a wide range of products for any kind of skin needs and age, and they offer refills allowing you to keep your bottles and just continue filling them, less waste. But also I have to mention their packaging. It’s like a magical little origami gift bow when you open your products. So cute!


Staying with skin care I have tried three products from the Heritage Store. I have combination skin with areas that tend to become quite oily and when I am due on my period a spot or three will no doubt pop up. My favourite product in this trio is the Rosewater & Vinegar Exfoliating Toner. It absorbs the oil living my skin clear and the rosewater oil inside keeps my skin feeling smooth instead of dry after using it. But one thing I really like is that it can also be used on your scalp to help clarify, this can be so needed after the use of all the products we spray on daily to keep our hair looking fab. For those stubborn hormonal spots I then uses the Blemish Toner, this is a bit more drying so really listen to your skin and only put on affected area, this will help kill off those spots. Last but definitely not least is their Ancient Healing Clay. Inside this pot you’ll find a mineral rich powder that you kind of have to blend into s smooth clay substance yourself. Simply mix 1 part clay with 3 parts water, mix let it set and apply. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing off revealing smooth radiant skin. This can also be used as a body wrap, I haven’t tried that yet but am super intrigued to. If you want an even more elevated treatment you can also add apple cider vinegar to it instead of water. I will definitely have to give my body a top to toe treatment.


My last items are from a brand I have trialled before and loved, welcome back Scentered. I received their De-stress Relaxation set, and oh how welcome it was. Life as we know it can be a rollercoaster and sometimes it can be very hard to leave the day behind and allow yourself to land. In this kit I received their De-Stress Therapy Balm, I keep this with me at all times because it’s so simple to just apply to any pulse point allowing the Camomile and Neroli to ease tensions and soothe my mind. The fragrance is amazing and taking deep breaths of it is definitely calming. If, like me, your mind can race when trying to fall asleep, there are ways to go about helping yourself and your mind to calm down. Scentered has a Sleep Well therapy balm, which I would apply to my temples and wrists allowing the Palmarosa, Lavender and Ylang Ylang to surround me and help me relax into a smoother sleep. Lavender is one of my favourite fragrances, it just seems to soothe my entire self. So when that dreaded period pain hits or my knee has a moment of revolt I simply place the Lavender heat bag in my microwave and place on whichever area it’s needed. It’s a good size allowing treatment to reach a nice large area, the heat inside helps it shape around my knee without falling off, and the lavender fragrance soothes my senses at the same time. A total win win situation. And simply reheat from temperature when needed.

So with all these goodies I feel like my body and my skin is more balanced and ready to take on this summer ahead.

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